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Best Way to Prepare for an Interview

Common Interview Questions

So you have a big interview and you want some tips to ace it. What should you do. What should you wear. What if the boss ask something i don’t know. Be cool and read on.

Dress for the job you want.

You have heard it a million times but just because you have heard it a lot do not underestimate its power to make a good or bad first impression.

You do not want to have on blue jeans. I don’t care if you are going up to the local wal-mart to get a stock boy job. You need to dress like you actually mean business.

If you are going for a high prestige job (such as an interview for a corporate spot that opened up) you need to dress conservative and traditional. Navy blue and black are a good choice. I would also recommend crimson and black.

If you going for a job that requires creativity or something that has to do with you looks (such as a model or designer), you can dress to your personality.

Really just judge what you are going to do and what (in your mind) the person that already has that job wears.

Know your stuff.

You need to do your homework before you go to an interview. Google some stuff and learn some trivial information along with some useful information. The trivial facts that you might not think matters may be a conversation piece or may really impress your interviewer that you have taken your time to go above and beyond.

Also learn about the person interviewing you. This is really something you compile as you are being interviewed. Take notes. I can not stress this enough. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask. Learn what the person like and learn their sense of humor. Adapt to what you have to.

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Be prepared for common questions along with trap questions.

Almost every interview will be filled with a lot of common questions then all of the sudden a trap question will be thrown in there. The trick is to answer all of the questions slow and think about every answer even if it is an easy answer. This is not a race. Actually the more time you spend in the interview and get to know the person, the more likely you will get the job. Look up the common interview questions and be prepared for each of them.

Know your weaknesses and divert around them.

Present yourself.

You need to know that apperance isn’t only clothes. You need a clean, organized case. You need to bring 10 copies of your resume. You need to have a firm hand shake and good posture. Present yourself with care, and respect yourself. Make eye contact, smile, sit up strait, speak loud, and wait your turn to talk. It is very good to be able to throw in humor then get back to business.

Now the interview is done.

You need to follow up by sending a thank you letter. This letter should be sent the same day when you get home. After a few days to a week (depending on what you have been told) you need to make a follow up courtesy call.