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Best Paint Colors for Interior Trim

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Paint your trim to complement your paint palette, while taking the room’s traffic into account. Neutral colors, consistent colors, contrasting colors, and forgiving colors should all be considered for trim.

Neutral Trim Colors

One of the best ways to match trim color to your walls is to choose a neutral trim color. Opt for a bright white, off-white, slate gray, or a color in the tan family. Neutral trim also makes it easier to change wall colors, without having to repaint trim, if you do not accidentally paint on the trim.

Bright white is a solid choice for trim color, as it makes any other wall color pop.

Black and Earthy Browns

For a modern look, or high contrast with a bright wall color, go to the opposite end of the color spectrum and paint trim black. Keep in mind painting trim black is a serious commitment, as it may take a couple of coats to achieve a solid black effect without spotting. The same hold true for other dark colors including dark blues and browns.

Dark brown, or earthy brown will go with many color including blues, greens, and other neutral, earth colors.

Consistent Trim Color

One option for painting trim which can help you keep your entire home palette in sync is to paint all of the trim in your home the same color. This is also a money-saving idea, as you will not need to buy separate trim for each room. White or off-white are both good options for creating consistent trim. One color which is very much in vogue for interior paint palettes is gray. The right pastel gray will tie in many different paint colors throughout your home.

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Architectural Trim Color

When you want to draw attention to decorative trim or architectural features in the room, choose a trim color which is a happy contrast with your existing wall color. There are color matching and coordinating tools online to help you match the right colors. In general, contrasting colors sit on the opposite side of the color wheel. You may not believe orange and blue look good together until you look at a Matisse painting, or look at Blue Agave and Paprika Behr Paint colors.

Metallic Colors

Colors with reflective and metallic hues of bronze, copper, silver, pewter, gold and aluminum are great trim options for an elegant bedroom, a modern loft kitchen, or a home office. Brushed metal colors also work well on trim, in combination with deep wall colors and textured walls.

High Traffic Areas

Trim in rooms with high traffic, or a lot of windows may need a more forgiving color than white. Consider a medium-hue color, including a medium gray or brown, to keep you trim from looking shabby between cleanings.

When in doubt, leave trim white and live with it for a while.


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