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Beat a Stomach Virus, Cold or Flu The Natural Way

Lemon Water, Stomach Virus

Anyone can get sick at any time of the year. We just are not as strong as we think we are to stand up to viruses. The flu shot is recommended year after year, yet many of us end up getting the flu right after having the shot. So what should we do to prevent getting sick? Here are some methods that you can take to get over being sick if you already are.

Hot Lemon Water

Yeah, it may sound gross, but this is actually rather soothing for your throat. Put about two table spoons of lemon concentrate in a coffee mug and fill it up to the top with hot water. You can put this in a microwave if you want to in order to heat up cold water for about two minutes. Take your time drinking this so that you do not upset your stomach right away. Once you have drank this, make another and drink it and that is all you will need for the rest of the day.


Now that you have your hot lemon water drink out of the way, take a muli-vitamin while your stomach is getting used to being awake again. You may want to ask your doctor for a thorough check up and find out if you need extra vitamins for your system. Personally, in addition to the multi-vitamins, I take additional vitamin e, folic acid and vitamin c due to my overall diet. You may need something extra that you may not know about, have that check-up done right away.

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Depending on the individual this is a touchy matter. Water is the key into hydrating yourself back to health. This should be of the utmost importance especially if you are running a fever. Fever stricken individuals need to drink water and fruit juices, and should avoid milk products until their fever breaks. This is a critical issue because the bacteria that you need in milk will counter attack you getting better while under a fever. If you feel you can handle some milk, take a sip to see if you can. You may end up paying a visit to the ‘porcelin god.’

Some of the best fruit juices to take while being sick are orange juice, cranberry juice, and believe it or not pineapple juice. The vitimins and minerals in these far outweigh all of the others. You can also drink tomato juice, which is what I recommend while having a fever.


Again, this is up to the individual. I recommend that you stick with a liquid diet until you can keep down solids. Tomato soup and chicken bullion mixed with hot water are good for you and healthy, too. Crackers, whether they are saltine or not, will be a good source of food as well. Some of you may need some bread which is mostly good for you. Just don’t eat too much bread.

Once you can get past the liquid diet work at eating chicken noodle soup or any kind of healthy soup. Avoid fish at this time as its acidity can really do your stomach over.

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To bathe or not to bathe.

Some may not recommend this, but a good hot bath will get those muscles of yours untense and relax your entire body. If you have a hot tub, use it. As soon as you are feeling better drain it and clean it out well before filling it back up. Do not go out into the cold weather after taking a hot bath or shower. Your skin’s pores are still open and are succeptable to making you more sick. If you can handle it, rinse off in cold water. The hot water also rids your skin of anything that may be trapping your skin from becoming healthy.


Yes, you may be having to call in sick, and may be taking a risk at losing your job. Losing your life over losing your job is more serious. You only have the one life. Get as much sleep as you can. If you are uncomfortable in your bed, go lay down on your sofa. Just be comfortable while sleeping. You may be not doing all the things you need to do, but you owe it to your body to get that much needed rest.

Whether you have a stomach virus, cold or flu you do need to do something about it. Medication more that likely will get rid of it, but ask your doctor before you take any. He/she will be able to recommend what you should take to get rid of the sickness you are having. The above recommendations have always worked for me, but may not work for you. They are methods that help most people. Do see a doctor if you do not get to feeling better soon. If you cannot afford to see a doctor, surely there is a clinic that is more affordable and close to you.