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Austin Texas Graphic Design Schools

Typography, University of Texas

Austin, Texas is a vibrant city mixed with many different cultures, music, and events that cater to the whole family. It was named the fifth safest city in the United States and that is one of the reasons why young professionals and couples are deciding to build a life in Austin. With all of the businesses that are located in this active city, graphic designers are becoming more and more prevalent these days. If you are looking to become a graphic designer in this number one rated college town, there are a few schools to choose from in Austin; such as The Art Institutes, University of Texas, and St. Edwards University.

The Art Institute is known for its creative edge in the art industry. They have many campuses and provide online learning as well. At the Art Institute you have the option of obtaining an Associate of Applied Science or a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Both of the programs will provide the knowledge to become a successful graphic designer. Courses include print production, typography, print design, project management and conceptual thinking just to name a few.

Sitting on three hundred and fifty acres, is the University of Texas, founded in eighteen eighty one, you will obtain your Bachelor of Fine Arts, which includes thirty three hours of general education and the remainder of a total of one hundred and twenty hours to spend on the core curriculum. Because this is a traditional university, your time spent there could be anywhere between four to five years. The University of Texas mixes both design and technology to prepare graduates to go into fields such as graphic design, product/industrial design, film/animation, and architecture, creating hybrid environments and artifacts.

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Another wonderful school to attend for graphic design in Austin; is St. Edwards University. Founded in eighteen eighty five, this college turned university has evolved from a small all men’s college to a coed university. Its graphic design program is a conglomerate of liberal art and technology rolled into one. If you are looking to stay on campus during you college career, this may be a great time to start. On February seven teen, they will unleash their new residence halls, which is combined housing and retail all in one.

These Austin graphic design schools should prepare you for careers in graphic design to become a logo designer, visual image developer, web designer, art production manager, creative director or entrepreneur. The career possibilities are endless with salaries ranging from, twenty eight thousand to ninety six thousand a year.

Deciding which school to attend is certainly a task. Keep in mind cost, location, program, and what services each school has to offer. Attending school in Austin for graphic design has its plus because there are plenty of jobs available for college students as well as the professional that is looking to make a career change. There are plenty of activities to participate in when you have free time. The town is safe as stated in the census, that there are only a few crimes that are committed each year.