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A Review of Tru Blend and True Match Foundations for Skin

L'oreal Paris, True Match

With the cold temperatures anyone’s skin can become dry and flaky. Applying foundation might be harder due to skin being rough and dried out. Cover Girl has a foundation called “Tru Blend”. The product claims it goes on smooth, not cakey. I became interested in trying out the Cover Girl product when I saw the commercial stating it matches 97% of all skin tones. I figured why not try it. The foundation comes in a 1 oz fl plastic bottle that has a pump dispenser. The package says the product won’t clog your pores, is oil free and dermatologist tested.

You simply take a cotton wedge or your finger and pump the foundation from the bottle. Lightly apply the cosmetic to your face where you feel you need coverage. Lightly blend the product into your skin. Tru Blend has a silky feel when applying it to your skin. It blends in easily. It’s not exactly a cream or a liquid consistency.

But as far as it being a lasting product, that’s a different story. Compare to other foundations, this one comes off with perspiration easily. Be ready to do touch ups throughout the day. It does help to use some powder to set the foundation. If you have deep imperfections, Tru Blend may not be the foundation for you. If you have oily skin, this product will go on light and easy but be prepared for possible streaking on your face.

It has a light fragrance that isn’t too pleasant. The pump dispenser makes applying easy but at the same time you may be getting less of the product. Other foundation bottles have screw on caps that allow you to flip the bottle upside down to drain any remaining foundation when you’re running low. Tru Blend cost around $7.50. It’d be an okay product for someone looking for sheer coverage. If you’re looking for a foundation to cover acne, look for another product.

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L’Oreal has also come out with a foundation claiming that it’s super blend able and matches almost all skin tones. The product is called “True Match”. It comes in a 1 fl oz glass bottle with a silver screw on cap. The product is applied the same as the Tru Blend product. With True Match you have better coverage of imperfections. The product easily blends into the skin and matches beautiful with the natural skin tone.

Many other foundations have a strong pink or yellow hue color while True Match matches perfectly for those who have fair skin. The item is a little more pricey then Cover Girl’s but it last longer and gives better coverage. On the skin it doesn’t feel greasy or caked on. And there isn’t much of a fragrance. The average price for True Match is $7.50 to $9.99. If you can afford L’Oreal, I’d recommend it.

Official website for Covergirl is: http://covergirl.com/
Official website for L’Oreal Paris is: http://www.lorealusa.com