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A Review of the Fisher Price Little People Lil’ Kingdom Castle Set

Little People

As a parent, I am always on the look out for toys that will spark imagination and active play in my child. Fisher Price’s Little People toys are great at precisely that. My daughter loves to play with the cute people and put them in chairs and cars; she creates her own little world with these Little People characters. I also appreciate the fact that these toys have spanned generations. One Little People set that she has is a castle scene. The Little People Lil’ Kingdom Castle has provided my daughter with hours of fun!

This Little People castle has tons of cute little interactive features. It comes with a king, queen, and horse that they can ride among others. The drawbridge drops down for a grand entrance and a throne swings into a balcony in the tallest tower so that the crown can address his/her little people! Trumpets sound and castle flames flicker at the push of a button. The castle compartments swing out to show the kitchen/dining area, bedrooms, and stables. The castle like most Fisher Price Little People sets, provide for snap-on, add-on sets.

One of these Little People sets is the Watchful Woodsman. This set includes a “robin hood” character with a fort. The fort has a window that swings open and looks like a target. It also features a catapult with a boulder. The Little People woodsman also has a horse and cart that hooks to the horse. Another set is the Night at the Ball set. I believe that this is actually meant to go with the “girly” pink castle but it works with this one too, if you have a girl. This Little People set also has a cute dance stand that makes the prince and princess dance with each other when you turn a wheel. This set also came with a horse and stage coach. A third set that we purchased was the Maiden Mary set. This includes a cute little maiden in braids, two unicorns and a crate of food. The last set that we bought was the Little Knight. I believe that this Little People set included the knight, trusty steed, dragon, and fence.

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The Little People castle set cost us about $20. The other sets had price tags from $10 down to $5. The whole “kingdom” probably cost us a total of about $50. Yes, that’s kind of steep…but she loves it! And we love to play with these toys with her. She loves to combine the set with other Little People toys and we just have tons of fun. She got the Little People castle for Christmas last year and we just gradually got her the rest of the sets. We found them at Wal-Mart and K-Mart. I would recommend these play sets, along with other Fisher Price Little People toys for your toddler. Especially consider Little People if you had them when you were young, because it is truly wonderful to carry on traditions such as that. If you are strapped for time and energy to get out and look for these sets, go ahead and check out the great Little People selection on Ebay. Have a wonderful holiday season!