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A Review of Kahrs Wood Cleaner

Hardwood Flooring

A good friend of mine has his own hardwood flooring business, and several years ago he installed hardwood oak flooring in our dining room and kitchen. When he was finished and we were able to put all of our furniture back in place (you have to wait a few days to let the finish dry and cure), I cleaned them with the special cleaner he gave to me, Kahrs Wood Cleaner. He explained to me that the Kahrs is manufactured in Sweden, and it’s the best cleaner for hardwood flooring, hands down. He said when I run out, I need to buy more from him, and not use cheap store brands of wood cleaner.


Kahrs comes in a plastic spray bottle, holding 32 ounces of cleaner, which retails for around $11.00. The product is a light pink color, and has the consistency of water. It’s practically odorless, which I love, since I am very sensitive to some chemical smells. This cleaner is water based, non-toxic, and cleans all unwaxed wood floors without leaving a residue behind that can build up and make your wood floors look dull.

How To Use

Using Kahrs is easy! First you will need to sweep or vacuum your wood floor to remove any loose dirt, food or dust. Then all you do is lightly mist an eight foot square area, or you can apply the cleaner to a soft cloth mop cover, and wipe back and forth with your soft terry cloth style mop head. If you have any hard to remove spots, heel marks, or sticky spills, you can spray the Kahrs cleaner right onto these areas, and them mop as usual.

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My Experience With Kahrs

I admit that I was skeptical when my flooring installer told me not to use anything on my floors other than Kahrs, but after seeing what a wonderful job it does on my floors, I am sold! This is a pleasure to use, and as long as you have a good mop, as I do, my floors come out spotless! I am sure to mop with the grain of the wood, so as not to show streaks, and this cleaner makes my floors shine and gets them clean the first time! I don’t even have to apply much pressure with my mop, the cleaner removes spills, dirt, and even smooths out the marks on our floor from our dogs toe nails. I always find that spraying my floor, instead of my mop, gives me the best results.

The only down side to this product is that there is only one store in our town that sells it, so I have to make an extra trip to buy it instead of picking it up at my grocery store where I purchase most of my other cleaning products. My floors dry within 30 minutes, and look so much healthier! And I absolutely love that this is non-toxic and doesn’t leave ANY scent behind!

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, and you aren’t happy with your current cleaner, I would highly recommend that you locate some Kahrs Wood Cleaner, and give it a try on your floors! It’s worth the extra time and effort to find it!