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A Review of ‘Amazon Mom’

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Although the name might imply that membership is exclusive to mothers, Amazon Mom is, in fact, available to anyone that provides care to young toddlers. Yes, this includes mothers, fathers, older siblings, caregivers and plenty of others. Membership is free and simple to obtain, since the application “process” is less than a page of information. In fact, people who already have an Amazon login name will be able to sign up for Amazon Mom within a minute or two.

There are a handful of benefits to this program and all of them will be useful for parents and caregivers:

1) Using Subscribe & Save, a person with an Amazon Mom will receive a discount of 30% on various diapers and baby wipes.

2) Amazon Mom members receive 3 free months of Amazon Prime, which gives them free 2-day shipping on all eligible items. For every order of $25 or more in the Baby Store of the website, a person will receive an additional month of Amazon Prime.

3) On a regular basis, all members will receive exclusive deals geared toward their toddler.

As you can see, many of these benefits are good for parents and caregivers. The fact that membership is free should be enticing for many people. Since shipping is essentially free the majority of the time, a person can save hundreds of dollars in shipping costs. The leftover money that would normally be gone is now there for someone to use for other items that they need or to simply save some extra money.

Of course, there are very few negatives about this program. Only people who already have an Amazon Prime membership will dislike Amazon Mom. In order to receive the benefits of Amazon Mom, a Prime member must cancel their membership and receive a prorated refund for their unused time. The simple method to avoid this, however, is to simply keep your Prime membership because most people will find Amazon Prime more useful than Amazon Mom, since it still has the free 2-day shipping on eligible items.

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Amazon Mom has been designed to help out parents and caregivers of young toddlers and it does exactly that. More often than not, parents will find the 30% discount on diapers to be a great deal that they get for simply being a member of Amazon Mom. Also, the exclusive deals can be useful for some people who need certain items for a cheaper price, but not everyone will find these offers to be all that good. Amazon Mom is supposed to help out parents, however, and it does just that.