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A Product Review of Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy With the Taste of Real Pan Drippings

Boston Market, Home Style, Roasted Chicken

I was in my local grocery store shopping for a quick and easy home style ready made chicken gravy when I spotted Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy on the shelf, in the gravy section. This gravy looked exactly like what I needed so, I decided to purchase this product and try it out. Here is what I discovered!

Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy is reasonably priced, in my opinion. It costs around one dollar and sixty cents at my local grocery store. I got a twelve ounce jar of gravy for that price. The price of this gravy does vary, from grocery store to grocery store but, it is under two dollars at most places. For a name brand gravy, this is a pretty average price. This particular line of gravy is from Boston Market’s Home Style Meals line of products. I have tried many different Boston Market frozen meals and I am usually pleased with their quality and taste! —-

One fact that made me want to try Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy was the advertising on the jar. It stated that this roasted chicken gravy had the taste of real pan drippings. Since that is how most of my home made gravy is prepared, I figured that this gravy should be very tasty and flavorful. I was making a home style chicken pot pie recipe. It turns out, on this particular jar of chicken gravy that I purchased, there was a recipe on the back of it for easy pot pie! I loved that and I added this recipe to my collection. That was another fact about this product that I liked. I was pretty certain that this gravy would be just right for my dish!

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This product contains no preservatives! Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy is very easy to prepare. If you are not using it in a recipe, you just heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes. You can also heat this gravy up on the stove top in a saucepan. After trying Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy in my chicken pot pie recipe, I was very impressed. This chicken gravy has wonderful flavor. It does taste very much like home style gravy. It has the great taste of roasted chicken, onion, garlic, vegetables like carrots and celery and also a slight buttery flavor that I thought was delicious. It turned out fantastic, in my recipe! I loved this product!

Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy has six servings in each jar! One serving contains twenty-five calories and only fifteen of those calories are from fat! This gravy has one and one half gram of total fat, one half gram of saturated fat, less than five mgs of cholesterol, two hundred and eighty mgs of sodium, three grams of total carbs and zero grams of protein. I was pretty pleased with these nutritional facts, overall. This product contains chicken stock, chicken fat, salt, dried chicken meat, butter, sauteed carrots, celery and onions, soy, wheat, garlic and paprika, among many other ingredients.

I rate Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy four stars out of five stars. This gravy was very tasty and easy to cook with. It was affordable and I will be purchasing this product again! You can find Boston Market Roasted Chicken Gravy in most grocery stores. I discovered that this chicken gravy did have great home style taste and flavor!

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