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A Guide to the Best Cocktail Shakers

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Cocktail shakers are essentially an important asset when preparing a cocktail. This amazing bar instrument is making many waves, as it combines the a variety of cocktail ingredients that range from liqueur to cordials to juice, with ice in an efficient, yet effective manner. What makes the cocktail shaker important is the fact it allows the content of the cocktail to be chilled in a very quick, efficient manner verses hand mixing which takes a lot of time.

There are three types of common shakers: The Cobbler Shaker, The Boston Shaker, and The French Shaker. The Cobbler Shaker is the best shaker out of the Boston and the French. I say this because it possesses three pieces, rather than two that include the individual top and bottom, a cap, and a built in strainer. The strainer allows you to accurately measure the ingredients properly. I have used this strainer many times in my career as a bartender and truly love it.

The French Shaker is the least popular shaker of the Cobbler and the Boston. It is primarily made of metal. I prefer not to use it, as it doesn’t possess a strainer like the Cobbler. It is great for mixing drinks that are include ice cream, rather than ice. I think it’s on the same wavelength as the Boston, as it essentially provides two pieces, but not as effective. The Boston Shaker is very much like the French Shaker, but it consists of a combination of metal and glass (or some possess plastic).

I prefer the Boston over the shaker, as they are easier to clean and well, the drinks are easier to pour out without making a mess. You can add the glass to the top and the work is basically done. It’s the most efficient out of the Cobbler and the French. These shakers are very common and if you go into a bar, club, or lounge chances are, you will see the bartender using this particular shaker.

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If you are looking for the ultimate shaker, I truly recommend the Oggi Dial-A-Drink Cocktail Shaker 7007. Not only is it affordable, it is possesses everything you need in a shaker. This great shaker possesses a lock that allows you to pour without making a mess. Great for both beginners and experts, this quality cocktail shaker allows you to not only combine ingredients efficiently, but possesses a built in system that allows you to make some of the most common, basic cocktails correctly.

If you are looking to make the perfect “SideCar” the Oggi Dial-A-Drink Cocktail Shaker 7007 can help you out by providing the accurate measurements, so when you create a drink, you won’t mess the drink up. You can purchase this quality, yet affordable shaker on KitchenKapers.com for about $25.

Another shaker that is making more ways is the Rosle Boston Shaker. Although it is rather simple in content, it’s quite effective, making it the absolute must have. This amazing shaker possesses a very large mixing glass that allows you shake the ultimate cocktail, without making a mess. When I was bar tending, a friend of mine bought me this as a gift and although I don’t use it much, I do sometimes and it is definitely convenient. You can purchase this amazing shaker for about $45.

If you want elite or hauteur, I truly recommend the Alessi American Shaker. Made from Italy and on a Boston Shaker wavelength, this shaker quality is possesses two separate parts that fit equally. It is one of the most professional, yet simple shakers I have ever used. I have used this shaker multiple times in my bar tending career and I must state, it is truly one of the best Boston shakers I have ever used. You can purchase the Alessi American Shaker for about $100.

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The Loft Cocktail Shaker is the ultimate shaker. This amazing shaking is truly above it’s limit. With it’s round base and artistic appearance, it truly works as good as it looks. This is the ultimate, yet simple cocktail shaker. One of the very first shakers I used, when I started bar tending. If you want a cocktail to be served chilled, I truly recommend this shaker. You can purchase the Loft Cocktail Shaker for about $60.