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A Guide to Activities in Bakersfield California

Bakersfield, Infant Clothing, Job Corps, Spencers

Welcome to my hometown.

Born and raised here in Bakersfield California I can tell you anything you want to know about this town!

Many have the wrong impression of Bakersfield. Everyone has a right to they’re own opinion however, most of the opinions are based on “word of mouth”. What better way to recieve this information but, from those who reside in this town.

Did you know that Bakersfield is one of the top 50 largest towns in the United States? Now, how many of you have heard that this is a “hole in the wall” town? We are growing larger everyday so look out Los Angeles! Ok, maybe we wont be that big but we are a large town.

If you come to visit be sure to stop by Buck Owens Crystal Palace located off the freeway on Buck owens BLVD. On the weekends you can watch Buck Owens sing live while you dine for a small $5 cover charge. This is a fine establishment, I will go into more detail in the Wine and Dine of my review.

Crime Rate

I wish I could tell you that crime rate was nonexistent but, unfortunately I cannot tell you that. Crime rate in Bakersfield is up.

Outlying areas

Bakersfield is Surrounded by a few towns two of them being Shafter (25 miles north-east) and Los Angeles (120 miles south). You are also close to Wasco, McFarland, Delano, Lamont, and more.


Summer can reach an amazing 113 degree’s! Average summer temps range from 102-108 degree’s (many days hotter!). Our summers are very hot and sunny. Anyone say swimming? We have many public pools, Hart park (not really a good place to swim…..too many ducks wade in the lake), Kern River (which is dangerous to swim in!) and quite a few other ways to cool down.

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Average winter temps reach low in the 30’s and 40’s. Bring your jackets! Some days are warmer than others. We don’t get snow here so no need for snow chains if you come to visit.

We have beautiful springs and falls. Our springs temps are normally between 65-80 degree’s and our falls are still quite warm. Summer and spring dress is perfect for these seasons.

Work & Services

Bakersfield is a large part of the oil industry. Many oilfield jobs are available year round. My husband works full time in the oilfields and moves up in positions as often as every year or so.

We have a large variety of schools in Bakersfield. Many schools are looking for qualified teachers who love children.

We are also a large Agriculture state, you may find plenty of work in the fields.

Need help searching for employment?

*Unemployment Office 1-800-300-5616

*Career Services Center 661-325-4473

*Job Corps 1-877-388-8731

Emergency Assistance

*Human services center will help with cash aid, food stamps, job placement and training, and health to low and no income families. 661-631-6000

*Crisis Pregnancy center will help with counseling, free preg. tests, maternity clothing, infant clothing and some baby furn. as they are donated. They are strictly confidential and have very kind staff working for them. Most of the staff are volunteers. They also provide counseling for ALTERNATIVES to abortion. (I love this because I am very pro-life)661-326-1907

*United Way 661-834-1820

*4 Main hospitals are located throughout Bakersfield.

Childhood education

There are a variety of preschool’s around, you could look in the phone book to find one to best suit your needs.

The elementary school I would like to suggest is Standard Elementary on North Chester. Standard is an excellent school and very good with children. There are however, several schools in the area.

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College Education

Our Jr. college is Bakersfield College also known as ‘B.C.’

they offer a large variety of studies. You can earn a certificate and/or a degree at B.C.

We also have a university, California state university also known as “Cal-State”. There you will find your higher education. Keep in mind though that you can save hundreds of $$ by going to B.C. and complete most of your courses then transfer to Cal-State.

Average Cost of living

Really depends on the area. The average rental properties range from $500 and up into the thousands. Luckily I have the opp. to RTO my home from my childhood and my rent is only $700 a month as with other homes my payments would be quite higher to RTO.

Activities & Attractions

We have a large variety of activities and places to visit! We have many parks, a small zoo (CALM), Lori Brock (for children) and Kern County Mus., skate parks, fishing, sports, Speedway, Blaze minor league Baseball and much more!

My favorite family activity is the Kern County Fair. The county fair is here from late September to early October. Come on wristband days and ride all day for $25! General admission fluctuates year to year normally in the $7-9 range for adults and $5 for children. Our fairs are fairly large, something for everyone to enjoy.


Valley Plaza shopping mall has a large selection on stores to choose from such as Sears, Wet Seal, Spencers gifts, JC Pennys, Gymboree, Crescent Jewelers and many more. Store hours are normally from 10am-6pm. The plaza is located on Ming right off the freeway exit.

An excellent store called Fashion bug is located on Rosedale HWY. next to Target, Babies R us, Michaels & Walmart. They have some wonderful sales throughout the year.

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East Hills Mall located on Fashion place also has many stores to choose from. I prefer the Valley plaza though as there are more stores to visit.

Wine & Dine

We have many wonderful restaurants but I will list 2 of our most wonderful restaurants that I would personally give 5 stars to. Under those two I will list other names of restaurants I would highly Recommend.

*Black Angus a 5 Star fine establishment! Located on Rosedale HWY On the menu you will find many items such as:



-Prime Rib

-Soup & Salad


and much more! Prices are a little higher. The average cost of a couple enjoying dinner without is normally around $50 or more but the food is fantastic. Be sure to reserve a table, the wait in line is long. Wonderful atmosphere.

*Crystal Palace I rate them 5 stars. There you can enjoy a wonderful meal, dance, listen to music and view Buck Owens history all under the same roof! His Cadillac from is mounted on the wall behind the bar area. Yes, I did say mounted! A must see when you visit! Just look for the cowboy era type building on Buck Owens BLVD. Some items you will find on his menu are:

-Prime Rib


-Soup & Salad


-LARGE Burgers

and much more. May I suggest the brown bread with honey butter? Heavenly! They too have higher prices but the food is wonderful and the staff is kind. Portions are huge!

*The Hungry Hunter is located on Rosedale HWY Absolutely wonderful dining and very peaceful.

*The Red Lobster is located on Rosedale HWY and they serve the best seafood you could hope for.

Now you know a little more about Bakersfield! I do hope to see you here one day!