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7 Exotic Pets You Can Safely Adopt

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Short of a Madagascar hissing cockroach, tarantula or python, are there any exotic pets you can safely adopt? Some people claim that bears, alpacas and llama are excellent options, but I don’t fancy snuggling up to one. Believe it or not, there’s even a hippopotamus on the list of exotic pets around the world.

But for normal people, who just want to be a little unusual, which exotic pets can they adopt without scaring the neighbors? Here are 7 delightful suggestions.

#1. Hedgehog

The hedgehog is a miniature exotic pet that you can adopt with absolute safety, so long as you first make sure that where you live hedgehogs are legal as pets. Awfully cute and friendly when they feel safe, hedgehogs don’t mind being touched or petted and will even purr with contentment.

During play, this exotic animal will whistle and snuffle or curl into a ball when it grows tired or frightened. Be sure to learn how to care for a hedgehog, then by all means adopt this exotic pet safely and happily.

#2. Wallaby

A furry exotic pet, the Wallaby is a small kangaroo with big feet. Most common as pets in Australia, where Wallabies are native, these small kangaroos can make delightful playmates, but only if you understand how to care for them. For example, in the first year of their life, joeys (little wallabies) should not be living cooped up in a home. Once older, Wallabies will fare well indoors but only in large spaces. And in the backyard, a tall and super-sturdy fence is a must.

If you think you can adopt this exotic pet safely, here are a few tidbits to consider. Wallabies are so smart they can jump on tables and counters, open drawers and cupboards and pretty much find whatever you hide in your underwear drawer.

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Intelligent and affectionate, Wallabies are delightful exotic pets that you can safely adopt if you don’t mind sharing a bath with a fury, big footed animal, not to mention sharing your bed.

#3. Potbellied Pig

If you’re allergic to dogs or cats, look no further than adopting a pig. That’s right, a pig. Despite their reputation, pigs make exceptional exotic pets because of their unusual intelligence and affectionate temperament. In fact, pigs are rumored to be smarter than dogs and easier to train, even easier to potty train. So what’s the catch?

Of all exotic animals you could adopt pigs are likely to wreak the most havoc unless you teach them differently. Pigs can open drawers, cupboards and… Yikes! the fridge. Imagine a very smart kid on four legs, who looks like your fat aunt. But you can definitely adopt this exotic pet safely.

#4. Skunk

No, you won’t have to permanently remove your nose to adopt this exotic pet. Though given the Latin appellation “skunk”, which translated means “Stinks”, for the last 200 years skunks have been living with humans as exotic pets-that is, after they are first de-scented by a reputable breeder or veterinarian.

The skunk is definitely an exotic pet you can safely adopt without scaring the neighbors. Much like dogs, skunks are highly intelligent, but good luck trying to train them. Only with love and patience can a skunk be trained to follow your lead.

Some have even likened skunks to beautiful women. This exotic animal can be loving and amusing at one time, but stubborn, haughty and demanding the next. Sounds like anyone you know?

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#5. Sugar Glider

Of all exotic animals you can safely adopt, the sugar glider is one of the smallest and most fascinating. Native to the Southern hemisphere, Sugar Gliders are actually small opossums that weight between 95 to 160 grams (that’s less than 1/4 pound). Because of their small weight and the loose skin beneath their arms, Sugar Gliders can glide on the air and jump distances of more than 150 feet. Imagine this exotic pet in your small living room?

Still, people have been raising Sugar Glider as exotic pets, despite the constant chirping and clicking the little fellows are famous for. In fact, the adoption of one Sugar Glider is rare. Because of their need to socialize with their own, Sugar Gliders are typically raised in a small group or a minimum of two. So think of them as exotic pets (plural) that you can adopt safely… but only if you can give them the special care they need.

#6. Pac Man Frog

You can definitely adopt this exotic pet with safety if you don’t mind a roommate who bites you for fun and acts as grumpy as it looks. Native to South America, the Pac Man frog was named after the computer game that bites, bites, bites its way across the screen. It is one of the largest frogs in existence and is famous for its nasty temper. In fact, you can expect your exotic pet to bite you as a matter of course, the way people shake hands.

Be sure you want to adopt this lovable exotic pet because Pac Man Frogs living in a nice clean cage can live to be 10 years old, and even 15. And yes, and no Pac Man frog has ever turned into a prince upon being kissed by a beautiful woman.

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#7. Hermit Crab

This is the perfect exotic pet to adopt safely if you want a pet that will go to sleep when you wake up. These nocturnal pets come in two domesticated varieties, the purple claw crab and the Ecuadorian crab, both of which are guaranteed to, well, act like hermit crabs.

As exotic animals, hermit crabs are typically adopted in twos or threes because they are sociable animals, which are fun to observe among their own kind. Though hermit crabs will not bite they will pinch, which can even draw blood. You have been warned!


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