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4 Best Places to Visit in Oregon

Multnomah Falls

My family and I live in Kansas, I have always lived here but my husband was born and raised in the state of Oregon until the age of 5. A few months ago we decided to take our 2 boys on a vacation to see Grandma and Grandpa (who moved back there) and show them the state that their daddy grew up in. While they were there I also got to see the beauty of the state and we got to visit some truly wonderful places:

Silver Creek Falls: If you are a fan of waterfalls this is a great place to go. There are ten water falls that you can visit and it is great exercise because you are encouraged to walk a good portion of the way. But there are also exits if you don’t want to walk the entire 4 miles. My children and their grandmother only went to the most famous set of falls, but my husband, his brother and I continued walking almost 3 miles. It was truly beautiful. If you want to do things other then hiking there is a swimming beach, play equipment for the kids, a camp group that can be used for overnight visits, and horseback riding trails.

Multnomah Falls: Multnomah Falls is a definite must see for anyone who makes a journey to Oregon. It is located about an hour outside of Portland and you can come extremely close to the falls as there is a bridge that goes right over the middle of them. For those who are ambitious, you can climb all the way up to the top and look at the way down, assuming of course that the walkway to the top isn’t closed like it was when we were there. It is best to visit the falls in the spring on early summer because the falls can dry up in late summer and it tends to freeze during the winter.

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MoterVu Drive in Theater, Dallas Oregon: This particular venue might not be for everyone but, going to a drive in theater has always been on my “Bucket List,” and I must say It lived up to my expectations! My husband I went to a 9:30 showing, found a place to park easily, bought snacks from the snack bar that was built in`’50( still has much of the original posters, and flooring) and set down in the back of our van to watch the movie. We had a blast. I would like to add that if you have young kids it might be a little difficult to do this since the movies have to wait until it’s dark to start. However since you will be sitting in your own vehicle they can sleep there. I personally think this is a good idea if you have kids because you can still go to the movies without worrying that you children will be loud in the theater.

Finally, The Enchanted Forest Amusement Park: This is a great stop if you have kids. It is an amusement park geared specifically to children with a story book theme. It was wonderful, there is just enough activity for the kids to enjoy and even has some activities that adults will enjoy too. We were there when it opened at 10 am and the lines were not long at all. We were able to ride all of the attractions plus see a play and be home by 4 in the afternoon. Giving the kids time for a little cat nap before dinner!

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Though these are only some of the attractions that can be found in this state, keep in mind that Oregon is a top notch state for fun and memory making, I hope that this article has helped you plan your next family vacation and given you a view of this beautiful place.