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Wristwatch Review: Relic Jake Men’s Black Rubber Strap Analog Watch

The success of Apple computers has taught the world that design matters. Apple concentrates on creating projects that are simple, attractive, and intuitive to the end user. They look at the entire user experience and they tweak their products to provide a wonderful experience to the end user. Like iPads and iPods and iPhones, watches are best when they are simple, innovative, and elegant. While the basic watch design has been with us for decades, incremental design changes can help perfect the experience for the wearer.

Sometimes the smallest design innovations can make a watch totally rock. For example, the Relic Jake Black Rubber Strap Analog Watch has a 43 millimeter diameter blue watch crystal that is cut so that the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 are angled facets. This is unlike any watch that I’ve ever seen. Consequently, this Relic watch catches the light differently than most watches. The case is tapered at angles that further complement the dramatic crystal shape. The watch crystal itself is inset into a recess in the 12 millimeter thick stainless steel case. and is anchored at the four corners. If you stare at the watch long enough, you realize that the crystal is set into the watch much like a diamond is held by it’s setting in an engagement ring.

Underneath the dramatic blue crystal is a black face ringed with a mirrored bezel. This Relic has large white arabic numerals that denote the hours. A date aperture at the 3 o’clock position exposes three consecutive dates with the center date being the current date. The watch has a 22 millimeter wide black rubber strap that has a stippled texture. It fits my 7 1/2 inch wrists with three more adjustment holes to spare. The width of the strap ensures that the watch stays put on the wrist without rotating to the side of the arm. While this watch has weight and heft, I still find it very comfortable for all day wear.

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While the looks of the Relic Jake strap watch draw lots of complements, there is plenty of substance to this watch. The Relic brand was created by Fossil. The Relic Jake has a reliable Japanese quartz movement, excellent construction quality, and water resistance to 5 atmospheres (approximately 165 feet). The watch is also covered by a 12-year limited warranty.

Ultimately, I recommend the Relic Jake Black Rubber Strap Analog Watch. If you have an eye for design, this Relic watch looks cool, offers a smooth high tech experience, and is a solid reliable watch.


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