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Where to Find Cheap Cloth Diapers Online

Cheap Diapers Online, Cloth Diapers

Why should newborn parents spend countless hours cutting coupons and searching weekly advertisements for the cheapest diapers when they can find cheap cloth diapers online? Here are a few of the lesser known sites where you can find great deals on cloth diapers, saving you some money and some space in the landfills.

Kelly’s Closet

If you want top-quality personal customer service and high quality product, make sure to visit the online store of Kelly’s Closet. You will be able to search through an inventory of regular stocked cloth diapers or visit their sale section where you will find deals on seconds or discontinued cloth diapers. As an added bonus, Kelly’s Closet offers a 30 day money back guarantee when it comes to their most popular brand, BumGenius one size cloth diapers. To learn more about the cloth diapers and additional products they have to offer, you can visit their site at http://www.kellyscloset.com/.

Nicki’s Diapers

When it comes to finding a deal on cloth diapers, Nicki’s Diapers, is a place you must visit. Not only will you find value saving deals on the standard pre-fold 100% cotton cloth diapers, but will be able to find free shipping offers on some of their brands. Visit their website, http://nickisdiapers.com/, for more information on the cloth diapers they have available for purchase. If you are looking to save a few extra dollars, you can find links to their clearance and second hand site on their main page.

GreenMountain Diapers

At Green Mountain Diapers, you can find all types of cloth diapers available for your children. From pre-folded 100% cotton diapers to second hand diapers, the prices are reasonable and will cost roughly $1 for cloth diaper. If you are interested in seeing the variety of cloth diapers they have to offer or would like some helpful tips on how to care for them, make sure to visit their website at http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/.

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Baby Best Buy

This online store is the perfect place for your one stop shopping for baby supplies, especially when it comes to cheap cloth diapers. You can find a 12 pack of pre-folded 100% cotton cloth diapers for $4.99 or a 12 pack of 100% cotton cloth diaper, with a sponge insert to be extra absorbent, for only $5.99. At Baby Best Buy, they also offer diaper covers to help make sure your little one can sleep uninterrupted through the night. If you are interested in learning more about the cloth diapers they have to offer, hop over to their website, http://www.babybestbuy.com/.

Choosey Diapers

Whether you are looking for a fitted cloth diaper or the traditional flat diaper, Choosey Diapers, is the perfect place for you to shop. If you want to continue your green efforts, you can find a wide selection of organic diapers to choose from. If you ever have any questions, the helpful staff at Choosy Diapers can be reached through email or by phone. You can view their entire selection of cloth diapers and more at their website, http://www.chooseydiapers.com/.