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Where is Area Code 303?


You glance at your caller ID, do not recognize the number, and then ask yourself, “Where is area code 303?” As it turns out, area code 303 is in the same place as area code 720. Here’s the scoop:

Where is Area Code 303?

According to Wikipedia, area codes 303 and 720 both cover a region in central Colorado, which includes Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and Longmont. [Source: Wikipedia, Area Codes 303 and 720]. Despite the confusing area code arrangement (your neighbor might have area code 303 while you have area code 720), it is a nice part of the country.

For a full listing of cities included in area code 303, visit AllAreaCodes.com’s page for area code 303 at http://www.allareacodes.com/colorado_area_codes.htm. [Source: AllAreaCodes.com].

Be aware, though, that we live in an age of portable phone numbers. In my experience, it is easy to register a cell phone in one area code, and take it with you to another. My cell phone currently has an area code from a region of the country I used to live in, and I use yet another area code through Google Voice’s phone service. My point here is that, although your caller ID says area code 303, the caller need not actually be physically in the central region of Colorado that is serviced by that prefix.

Who is Calling from Area Code 303?

If you are receiving calls from an unknown number in area code 303, you might want to check CallFerrett’s area code 303 page at http://www.callferret.com/area-codes/303-area-code.html. On that page, you will find a listing of recent comments from people who have received calls from area code 303, mostly from telemarketers. [Source: CallFerrett.com]. There are other similar webpages on-line, identifying telemarketers by phone number.

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Chances are good, though, that your unknown area code 303 caller simply dialed the wrong number (hopefully this is a one-time error). In my experience, most telemarketing calls come from Area Code 866 or one of the other toll free number area codes (1-800, 1-888, etc.) – not from area code 303.


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