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Where Can I Sell Rap Beats Online?

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Ever wonder how to sell your beats online or where to sell your beats? Selling your beats online can be ineffective if you do not know the best places for selling beats online. There are always artists looking to buy beats online, so why give away free beats when you can get paid for your beats! Well, there are a few major beat sites where you can do just that! (By the way, all of these sites are PayPal Verified).


This is a major site that brings in tons of traffic and will get you much exposure! It offers unlimited song and video uploads for a free account, with the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP account for (I believe) $8.95/month. VIP account allows larger sized-audio file uploads, higher-quality uploads, discounts on promotion prices, etc. There are other additional features but they must be paid for.

Turnoffs about SoundClick.com are: 1.) it DOES NOT allow sampled beats on its site 2.) it takes 30% commission FROM anything you sell, and 3.) it is more aimed toward artists, as opposed to producers. From recently doing the research, I’ve noticed some negative feedback starting to come about from active SoundClick members about its strictness.

Overall: SoundClick.com is a one of the better to gain exposure on, but is starting to lose its edge amongst its competition.


This is another major site that is the headquarters from many producers/beat makers today and is the “Myspace/Facebook” for producers. It offers (15) beat slots and (5) video slots for free, with the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP Membership for only $5.95/month. With a VIP Membership, everything is unlimited, also includes other useful features.

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Differences from SoundClick.com are: 1.) it DOES allow sampled beats on its site 2.) it DOES NOT take any commission from any of your sales and 3.) it offers free advice especially for music producers and beat makers.

This site provides beat buyers with a “buy-and-download-instantly” feature, allowing artists to download their purchase right on the spot! It also features instant messaging, chat rooms, blogging, daily entertainment news, video blogs, status updates, games, and more.

Overall: BeatRelease.com is probably the better site to sell beats on, better for active social network fans wanting more content diversity as well.


This site was created by Grammy award-winning producer Rockwilder and was set up with more of a “battle” scenario. Here, producers can beat battle against other producers for cash prizes as well as without cash prizes. You can also sell your beats here, but you must be an Exclusive Member to do so. You must also be an Exclusive Member to beat battle. Exclusive memberships are only $6.95/month. Being an Exclusive Member also comes with additional features.

You can only upload 5 beats with a free account, but are entitled to unlimited uploads as an Exclusive Member. You ARE NOT allowed to upload beats that contain samples. However, the site DOES NOT take any commissions from your sales (as an Exclusive Member only)!

Overall: Although producers can sell beats on this site, it is better designed for beat battling.

Hopefully this gives producers/ beat makers a better idea of where to sell their beats!

Reference to: SoundClick.com, BeatRelease.com, and RocBattle.com.