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Where Can I Go for Free Internet Access?

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Panera Bread

The economy is causing a lot of people to cancel their internet service as a means to cutting costs and expenses. Fortunately there are some places where you can access the internet for free. One place is Panera Bread. You can access the internet from the time they open until closing which is usually 9:00 pm on week days and week ends. Some close a little earlier on Sunday’s. The only stipulation is that you be aware of their busy time which is 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. During this time they ask that you don’t access the internet at a table that could seat 4 people. If you do they may ask you to move to a table with seating for one, if they have customers waiting to be seated. You can probably find a Panera Bread in your area by searching the internet. You may want to enjoy a meal while you are taking care of your business on the internet. They have a variety of good things on the menu.


If you don’t have a laptop you can also go to the public library. There you can use their computers and have free internet access. The library has the convenience of allowing you to look through books, magazines and other resources to also assist you with your endeavors. You can probably get some help from one of the librarians if you need further assistance.


You can also access the internet at your local Starbucks. Internet access is almost free. You actually have to purchase a Starbuck card and purchase $5.00 of value from the cashier. You are only able to access the internet at Starbucks for 2 hours per day. To remain eligible you have to use your card for a purchase at least once every 30 days or you will be unable to use the internet.

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You can also access the internet at McDonald’s and they too have a card you have to purchase called the Arch card. The amount of value you have to purchase is $5.00 and you may only have limited access to the internet on a daily basis.

All locations may not have internet access but most do. So if you are looking for a quick place to access the internet and enjoy a cup of coffee or get something to eat the one of the places above just might work out for you. Panera bread seems to have the most accommodating set up. Theirs is completely free and for the most part you are not limited to your usage. McDonald’s and Starbucks don’t always have the most enticing environment for using your laptop. One down side of going to McDonald’s for internet access is the fact that the electrical outlet plugs are all in the ceiling and you could fall while you are trying to insert the plug from your computer into the ceiling.

Most of the Panera Bread locations will have adequate electrical outlets but I have been to one that only had one outlet in the entire place.