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When Single People Decide to Move: Are There Pros and Cons?

Like most people, I’ve been a fan of television my whole life and it seems like all the depictions of human experience that have become so imprinted onto my thinking involve the unity of a family. It is families that go on picnics together. It is also families that move across country together when the sitcom dad gets a new job. And yet, while it seems that the experiences of single people are less visible on television, I can still look to my own life as I call attention to the pros and cons of what goes on when single people decide to move.

The Advantage of No Connections

If I am a single person who is deciding to move, I can see my lack of personal involvement with others as a positive thing. If I don’t have children, for example, I don’t have to be concerned with transferring them to a different school. I also don’t have to worry about whether or not my spouse can adjust to different geographical climates. As a single person deciding to move, I can move anywhere.

The Advantage of Less Property to Move

On the positive side of things as well, when I am a single person deciding to move I am going to have fewer personal belongings to deal with. This means that if one place doesn’t work, it’s not as time-consuming to simply pack up and move again.

Positive Emotions

Since I am a single person who is deciding to move, I can experience the positive emotions that come from being independent, from having the chance to meet new friends, and from simply being able to experience the joy of the new challenge.

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The Disadvantage of No Connections

It’s probably not surprising to a single person who is deciding to move that the same positive effects that come with having no family connections can also have a negative impact. For example, if I’m completely alone and single I might feel uncertain about moving and have no one to help me decide what to do. Single people deciding to move still need emotional support.

The Difficult Moving Process

Even though I have fewer possessions as a single person deciding to move, I still have all the responsibility for packing and unpacking. This is a negative factor as well as the thought that all expenses rest on my shoulders alone.

Negative Emotions

As opposed to positive emotions, there can be negative emotions when a single person is deciding to move. I might experience loneliness and the feeling of missing old friends, for example. Still, the negative emotions imply that the move was forced, not chosen. In truth, I see that the bottom line between the pros and cons involved when single people decide to move are all based on my own personality. I am the one who is regarding the overall challenge of moving as a good thing or a bad thing.

Source: Personal experience