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What Does #fb Mean as a Twitter Tag?


Many people have been wondering about various Twitter tags and the question of ‘”What does the #fb tag mean on Twitter?” has come up numerous times.

The meaning of the two-letter tag is actually quite simple, believe it or not. Many people, especially older folks, are intimidated by social media and Internet sites like Twitter in general.

But to use the #fb tag is quite simple. What the #fb tag means is that it is what allows a user to post a Tweet on Facebook as well as Twitter.

This allows for synching between the two popular sites to share important and/or funny or interesting content and posts.

In order to make the tag work, users have to post it at the end of their message or link, however.

It’s not difficult to remember but it is something that many people using Twitter still do not recognize.

So there you have it. The answer to the question is quite simple and it is very useful for fans of social media, especially those promoting businesses or products.

The answer to the question: “What does the #fb tag mean on Twitter?” is that it is a way to import your Tweets directly to Facebook after you make them, as long as you do it properly and put the hash tag last in the post.

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