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Vtech Touch and Discover Alphabet Town

Whenever I take my son to Target I let him pick a toy to walk around the store and play with. It helps keep him occupied while I get my shopping done. I don’t usually end up buying it the toy he picked because he already has too many toys at home, we don’t really need another toy every time we go to the store. This particular day he picked the Vtech Touch and Discover Alphabet Town. It was already working because the batteries come included with the toy. He loved the way the alphabet letters and how they lit up and played music. He seemed to really enjoy playing with the toy that in the end I did buy it for him. It cost $19.99 at Target. It was a little expensive but I knew that my son was loved the toy and would enjoy playing with it. From my point of view he would also learn from this toy, that made us both happy.

There are 8 different activities that your child can switch from. They include Phonics Fun, Town Visit, Find it, Spelling, Counting, Clock Quiz, Light-Up The Town, and Music. Your child can easily switch the modes using a blue car shaped slide button. The On/Off switch is simple to use. It is a yellow oval shaped button on the top right hand side with red on/off letters. My son can easily turn this toy on and off without any help. On the back of the toy is a volume control. You can move the switch to the left for a lower volume and then switch it to the right for a louder volume. My son can also easily move this switch without any help. This toy is very child user friendly. There is a clock on the top left hand side of the toy. The hour hand is in red and can be moved, the minute hand is in blue and can not be moved.

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On the front surface of the alphabet town there are the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter has its own big button, the size of an adult thumb. The vowels are written in red while the consonants are written in green. Above each alphabet letter is an example of the letter. A is for ambulance, B is for bus, C is for clock, D is for dentist, E is for exit, F is for fountain, G is for garden, H is for hospital, I is for insect, J is for jewelry, K is for kite, L is for library, M is for museum, N is for newspaper, O is for onion, P is for park, Q is for quail, R is for railway, S is for school, T is for train, U is for umbrella, V is for van, W is for window, X is for x-ray, Y is for yo-yo, and Z is for zoo.

The Alphabet Town takes 3 AA batteries. I have had to change them once since I bought this for my son. The battery compartment is screwed on so your child can’t open it and get to the batteries, a nice safety feature on toys. The toy has a nice sized handle so your child can walk around the house with it, like a briefcase. Even with the batteries in the toy it is very lightweight. It is made very well, nice and solid. Not cheap plastic at all.

Phonics Mode – You press the letter and a voice tells you the name of the letter and the sound.
Town Visit Mode – You press the letter of a location and it asks if you can find the next letter of the location.
Find It – It asks if you can find a location of the town.
Spelling – It says a word and then lights up the correct letters to spell out the word. You have to push the lighted letters.
Counting – It lights up a number of letter and as you press each one is counts.
Clock Quiz – It asks you to move the hour hand to the correct time.
Light-Up The Town – As the letters light up you have to quickly press the buttons.
Music – You press any letter and all of the letters start lighting up in synch with the music.

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I think my son might be a little too young to understand that this is a teaching toy but he loves to press the buttons and see the lights and listen to all of the sounds. I think this is a wonderful toy. I can’t wait for him to get a little older and really use this toy with everything it has to offer.