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Uses for Cat Litter

Cat Litter

Do you have any cat litter that your cat just really doesn’t like? Well if you answered yes don’t throw it away there is other uses for that litter, which can save you money in the long run. Sometimes cats can be very picky when it comes to their litter, so you end up going to the store to buy another one. What do you do with the one that’s no good? Nine out of ten of us just end up tossing it into the garbage can. Here are some great uses for that cat litter, so you don’t have to get rid of it:

1. Do you have any old sneakers that just smell so bad from your feet sweating all the time, these shoes are one of your favorites pairs and you don’t want to get rid of them yet? Take a old sock and fill it up with some scented cat litter. Then once it’s filled you are gonna tie it closed with either a rubber band or string. Then place this sock into that smelly sneaker for a day this will take that smelly odor away, so you will be able to still wear those shoes without worrying how bad the stink is.

2. Do you have a lot of barbecues in the summertime, but are always worrying about having a grease fire happen? Next time you are cooking out pour a bunch of cat litter into the bottom of your grill. This will allow you to be worried free no grease fires. Make sure though you use a decent amount of the litter don’t be skimpy with it.

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3. Do you have a old, stale, or musty smell maybe in your closet or some room in the house? Now you can get rid of this smell by placing some litter into a bucket or box then place that box into the smelly room. Cat litter works great as a deodorizer.

4. Do you need to get rid of any algae in your koi pond? Pour a good amount of cat litter into your pond. When you first do this the pond will look very muddy, but after a day or so the muddy look will clear up algae will be gone.

5. Don’t have any baking soda for your refrigerator? Then grab a container place some cat litter into it. Then place in the refrigerator leaving it opened. This will take out any nasty smells.

6. Do you want the perfect dried flowers? Grab a decent sized container fill it up with litter place your flowers into it. Make sure you cover the container with a airtight lid. You will get some really perfect dried flowers.

Alright what do you use if you have no cat litter for your cat? Some really good alternatives for litter are, newspaper, horse stall shavings, speed dry which is made of crushed clay that you can buy at a auto store, chicken feed, and you can also use dried pinto beans. You can even make a really cool flower pot by using cat litter. For this simple project you will need:

Clay flower pot

Non-toxic glue

Cat litter


Take your flower pot and start brushing glue all over the pot until it’s completely covered. Then roll your pot into a really good amount of cat litter making sure that gets completely covered too. Then spray it good with a acrylic spray to preserve this craft. You may dye the litter to make your flower pot more colorful. This flower pot your kids can grow stuff like herbs, bean seeds etc.

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