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Understanding Decision Making in College

Making a Decision

Making decisions; often times it is easier said than done! Especially for a person enrolled in a university.

So how hard is making a decision in college? Well, from experience, I’d say it’s pretty darn complex. The complications are simple to understand, yet so hard to grasp and change, that many young people trying to pursue their bachelor’s degree often get swept away with the flood of college social life.

When it boils down to it, doing the right thing is always the best decision to make, but how can you tell if what you are doing is right? It’s not always easy to do. Let me give an example.

I’m in college, and I write for Associated Content for part-time work. I am currently enrolled in a full load of summer classes. Class starts at 10:00am and lasts until 2:00pm, then I go home and I spend the majority of my day doing homework. Unfortunately school is keeping me extremely busy, and I don’t have much time to write, which in turn leads me to not having any money which adds to the grueling stress of summer curriculum. I have decisions to make. I have also gotten back into the World of Warcraft, which I tried to swear off but just isn’t possible. So I’ve started playing that again, and I have been devoting a lot of my time to it, another simple decision I’ve made.

So where do the problems lie? Ok, problem one…I am sitting at the university computer labs as I write this article, and guess what? Class starts in less than a minute. Am I going? No. Am I going to my second one? Nope.

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Problem two…I have no money! So I need to write, my bills are due in a few days. To me, this is justification to miss class. Sure I may miss a daily in class quiz or some other small assignment, but if I don’t pay my credit card bill on time I’m going to ruin my credit and I’ve already dug myself out of that hole once.

So which decision is right? Do I go to class? Or write like a demon to get some money to pay my bills on-time? Either way I lose something. If I take either road I will without a doubt, be at a loss. In my eyes, missing class today isn’t a big deal, I have books for both classes, and the teachers post the notes and homework on the web, I’ll simply do it on my own time. I would rather pay my bills and keep my credit payments going smooth like they have for the last year than be late and have a significant increase in interest rates. No

Welcome to the mind of a college student. People think college is a breeze…well it’s not! It’s extremely stressful, often depressing, and there are often too many things to think about and analyze. Making decisions in college really and truly relies on where the person’s priorities are. If the person doesn’t care about class or their education, they will indeed find better things to do with their time.