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Types of Labret Piercings

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Labret piercings are a popular way to decorate the body. The labret is a lip piercing that goes through the lower lip. There are a few different placements for the labret piercing and it is important to know them all before getting the piercing done.

Placement of labret lip piercing: Labret piercings are done through the outside of the skin to the inside of the mouth. The lip is pulled away from the jaw using clamps. A piercing needle is pushed through and then the jewelry. Like all piercings, the pain is different for each person. The pain is quick, though.

Before getting a labret piercing, where do you want it placed?

Standard labret piercing: The jewelry is placed right in the middle. It rests below the middle of the lower lip. It looks like a ball sticking out from your jaw.

Side labret piercing: A side labret piercing, as the name suggests, rests off center. It can be placed to the right or the left of where a standard piercing would be.

Snakebites: When there are two side labret piercings, it is called snakebites. The name generally applies to any jewelry, but is most commonly used with two captive bead rings. The rings loop over the lips giving a slight snake fang effect.

Vertical labret piercing: With a vertical labret piercing, both ends of the piercing are visible. A curved barbell is used with a bead resting just below the lip and the other on top of the lip. According to BMEzine, the vertical labret piercing was a mistake made by a bad piercer that became popular.

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Types of labret piercing jewelry: Labret piercing jewelry is usually a 14 gauge or 16 gauge labret stud. Larger gauges have to be custom made. The back of the labret stud is flat so that it irritates the inside of the mouth less. A bead or spike is attached to the other end. Snakebites can use captive bead rings. A curved barbell, with beads at both ends, is used for vertical labret piercings.

The labret piercing jewelry is usually made of glass, wood or acrylic because they are less rough on the teeth and gums. Metal jewelry can be used as long as the piercing isn’t played with all the time. Good luck with that.

Proper labret piercing care: Like all piercings the best aftercare is simple saline solution. You can make it yourself with sea salt and distilled water, or you can purchase preservative free solution made for contact lenses. Follow the directions your piercer gives you on salt soaks. Also remember the LITHA rule: Leave it the hell alone. Labret piercings can take up to three months to heal.

Warnings about the dangers of labret piercings: All piercings can have some problems if the placement is not performed correctly, the wearer plays with the piercing too much or the body rejects the foreign object. Misplaced labret piercings will rub against the gums and teeth. Damage to the teeth and gums means you spend more time with your mouth open and a dentist in your face. Sometimes, the piercing will not fully heal, leaving you with a hole in your chin that leaks when you drink. Always go to a professional piercer who can show you photos of successful labret piercings before sitting in that chair.

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