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Two Great New York State Theme Parks

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Whether you want to get wet and wild, or relax and be low key, New York State has a variety of awesome theme parks that are major hotspots during the summer ones. But which ones should you avoid, and which should you flock to? Look no further, here are two of New York State’s best theme parks!

Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom

Location: Lake George

A member of the Six Flags family of amusement parks, Great Escape ranks as one of the best in New York State (if not the northeast), because of it’s convenient location, expansive property, and reasonable entry fees. Whether you want to try out one of their many roller coasters (from the fun to the frightening), get a bite to eat at one of the many food kiosks, relax in the sun, or take in some entertainment, the Great Escape has it all.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s an awesome waterpark right next door called Splashwater Kingdom. The perfect antidote for a hot summer day, Splashwater Kingdom features a variety of ways to keep you amused- and wet. Whether you want to brave the Mega Wedgie water ride (which boasts a massive 100 foot drop), or swim around in the wading pool, its up to you.

One of the best things about Great Escape is that its located right near Upstate New York’s famed Lake George region- a top vacation destination since the 50’s. Lake George offers a ton of history (courtesy of some key Revolutionary war battle sites nearby), and a picture-perfect lake, where you can fish, swim, sail, or and whatever else your heart desires.

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Zoom Flume Waterpark

Location: East Durham

In the winter, tourists travel to the great Catskill Mountains to ski or snowboard- and in the summer, they come here! Zoom Flume (which is located in a tiny town just east of Hunter and Windham Mountains), is the perfect place for a quick, cool getaway. While it’s not as big and fancy like other waterparks, it’s the small town charm and quaint sensibilities that count here.

Just like Splashwater Kingdom, Zoom Flume features a variety of rides for both kids and adults. One downside is the variety- in just one visit, you can easily hit the rides. Also, don’t count on a bevy of food options- mostly fast food here. However, if you want a simple vacation into the Catskills and don’t want to spend a bundle, the Zoom Flume can be your best bet.

Zoom Flume
Great Escape