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Top Ten Superpowers You Don’t Want

With the overwhelming success of comic book characters, going from the inked pages to the big screen, the common theme of these mighty warriors, have been the ability to do abnormal things that common human beings aren’t able to perform. These extremely, thought provoking powers have had people contemplating the actual possession of these traits. If you could raise your hand in the air and summon a nice looking fireball, would you like to be able to do that? From Xmen to The Incredible Hulk, the possibility of performing one of these superpowers would be tremendous. However, what if you possess powers that didn’t necessarily agree with you. Here is the top ten superpowers you may not have wanted.

1. Midas Touch

At first, it would be great to turn items into — say — gold, however, when this is the only thing that can be done once your fingers comes into contact with something, then that would be quite terrible. The Midas Touch ranks in at number one of superpowers that you wouldn’t want to have. Lets say, you would like to get dressed, better have someone there that doesn’t posses this power to accomplish this. You would always have to keep your hands face out, so you could see them at all times.

2. Flying

We have always looked up at the sky and saw birds fly, wondering why humans couldn’t do this as well. Those with the superpower of flight could do just that, having the wind blow through their hair, and watching the world go by underneath. But what if a human possessed this ability with the fear of heights. Always having to walk, with the knowledge that they could just pass these cars if only they didn’t scream every time he/she got five feet off the ground. A complete waste of superpower if you couldn’t mentally take the journey of flight.

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3. Fireballs

Being able to hold up your hand and summon a fireball few inches from your palm would be an amazing feat to conquer. The reddish glow of the fire twirling would be incredible to witness. But, wouldn’t be a good idea to give this superpower to a pyromaniac. This individual would go around throwing fireballs at random and catching everything on fire in its path.

4. Quick Speed

Having the ability to run at exponential rates, would be exhilarating to be able to do. Watching the people and buildings whiz by as you make them eat your dust has to be a great asset to carry. However, the gift of quick speed wouldn’t be such a great gift, if you were clumsy. Hope this individual remembers to bring their kneepads with them, as tripping over things is inevitable. Tackling people from behind, as you shout, “Oops, pardon me — excuse me — GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

5. Self Healing

Just like Wolverine in Xmen, the ability to regenerate your cells and heal yourself from most wounds would come in handy. You receive a paper cut, all you have to do, once the swearing has subdued, is to heal the cut and no harm done — literally. But, what if that was the only ability that you could perform. Couldn’t join up with any other human beings that possessed superpowers and fight crime alongside them, now could you? Normal humans wouldn’t even freak out that much once they heard that you could perform a self heal, as they’d just look and say, “Oh, like a lizard, whatever.”

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6. Premonition

Having the superpower of premonition comes in at number six. This would be a good and bad ability to possess. It would be a major headache and trying to cope with it would be extremely mind-blowing. Some things would be great to know ahead of time, such as, “I’m about to step into a mud puddle — ” But there are some things better left unsaid.

7. Rock Like Skin

The Thing had thick skin — literally. But having a rock like outer skin would get real annoying real fast. Couldn’t scratch that pesky itch, and always waking up with a sore back. Plus, the physical appearance of a guy who looks like a rock would be a turnoff to most other humans. Can you just imagine whistling down the street, having a good day, and all you get in the process is a bunch of stares. “Is he — diseased?”

8. Squeezing Into Tight Places

You’re in a group of superheroes, they need to get past a huge gate. There is a crack between the bottom of the door and ground. Realizing that you could probably squeeze through, you start to loosen up the skin. Suddenly, you remember — you’re claustrophobic. That brief moment in time in where you’re going to be in an enclosed location causes you to breath heavily. Also, the fear of going into an uncharted place starts to creep in your brain. With this, having the power to squeeze between tight places is ranked at number eight.

9. Cyclops’ Ability

Yeah, we have all thought about this one when watching the Xmen series of films recently. Releasing a powerful red beam from the eyes, would be a great gift to have. However, if you needed to wear a lens of some kind to keep the power from getting out of control — yeah — no thanks.

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“Man these sunglasses are killing me. Mind if I take them off?”


10. Superhuman Intelligence

The tenth spot belongs to the ability of Superhuman Intelligence. So you can solve the square root of any number, and solve the Rubik’s Cube, okay, can you shoot ice from your fingertips? Can you soar high in the air? Having the ability of high IQ would be impressive to obtain, but it wouldn’t be the first superpower on my list to possess. And with that, the power of extra intelligence finds a place on the list.