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Top Ten Songs by Tupac

Biggie Smalls, Tupac

“I’m not sayin I will change the world, but my music will spark the mind that Will change the world”

Tupac Shakur is the perfect example of a genius. This man was a rap superstar but a very compassionate poet, actor and writer. It is gossiped that Tupac has enough music material to put out an album once a year for five years…after his death and that he as done. Much debate as surrounded Tupac when the conversation of the greatest rapper to ever live arises. The choices are he, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z. His high controversial career was violently ended in 1997 when he was gun down in the passenger side car after attending a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas NV.

Among all the material and chart topping songs released by Tupac, only ten can make my list. Known for his deliberate disrespect for the government, police and media Tupac’s songs are filled with a message good or bad and are directed at everyone regardless of race. In many of his songs he boasted about being ready to die and leaving this earth to go to a better place and he got his wish but not before leaving us with a catalog of music to enjoy.

1.Keep Your Head Up. This is an anthem aimed at single African American in the ghettos of America. The message is to keep your head up in turbulent times and struggles.

2.Rather be ya N-I-G-G-A from the Me Against the World album. I like this song because it’s an honest approach from a man to a woman. No games and no bullshit lines just being honest. In this song Tupac’s says’ I ain’t beggin’ just tryin’ to relocated between ya legs, drippin’ wet as we experience sweaty sex/when you met me you wouldn’t let me/but now you straight beggin’ to sex me got’chu undressin’ to sex me”.

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3.Brenda’s Got A Baby from the 2pacalypse Now album. Like Ke

ep your head up, this song is a classic that was released before it’s time and it needs to be released today. Brenda’s got a baby is a song about what factors and obstacles in the ghetto lead to teenage girls to become parents and the confusion that comes along with it. I heard Brenda’s got a baby but Brenda barley got a brain/a damn shame the girl can hardly spell her name.” and “he left her and she had the baby solo, she had him on the bathroom floor and didn’t know so/she didn’t know what to throw away or what to keep/ she wrapped her baby up and threw in a trash heap.

4. Hit’ Em Up from the 2 Pac Greatest Hits album. I like this song a lot because Pac goes no holds bared against the Notorious B.I.G. and the Bad Boy record label in this song. You can’t get any more violent or disrespectful than this. He screams, “You claim to be a player but I fucked ya wife/we bust on Bad Boy bitches fucked for life.”

5.Dear Mama from the Me Against the World album. If anyone can dedicate a song to his or her mothers this would be it. Kanye West attempted it but it doesn’t come close to being the shadow of Dear Mama. “And even though I used to sell rocks, it felt good puttin’ money in ya mailbox.”

6.To Live and Die in LA from the Machiavelli album. If there is one place Tupac, a New York native, wanted to be the most it would be LA. This song is paying homage to as he described it the best place on earth. He also dedicated another song to the City of Angels called California Love feat. Dr. Dre.

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7.Only God Can Judge Me from the Me Against the World album. I love the beat on this song and the way Tupac tells everyone that no matter what he as said or done fuck the media because only the man above as the last word.
8.Runnin from the Resurrection album. Even though they have had a violent beef in life, Tupac and Biggie Smalls shared a record made possible after their deaths by Eminem. I love to hear both artist on one song and it just had that Tupac swagger.

9. Thugs Mansion from the December 2004 album

10.I Get Around from the 2pacalypse Now album. This is Tupac’s most popular song and the song that introduced me to his music.