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Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Preteen Girl (ages 11 to 12)

Ahe, to be a preteen girl (age 11 to 12). You are not quite a teenager, yet you are no longer a little kid anymore.

Buying presents for girls this age really isn’t all that complicated. It doesn’t have to be all
that expensive, either. But you do need to do some thinking and have a little bit of an imagination.

1. What do young girls want the most? To look good. How do they achieve this? First on all their list of presents is makeup. Yet, if you are buying makeup for a preteen girl, you really need to keep her age in mind. You don’t want her to look to grown up, yet she wants to look nice. Keep the colors in the lighter shades. Buy soft pink tones in blushes and lipsticks. Don’t forget lip glosses. Girls this age love to look shiny. As for their eyes, you may want to skip the dark mascaras. But you can have a lot of fun with the shimmer shadows. Of course, before buying makeup, you should speak to their parents. Some parents have a set age when they allow their daughters to start wearing makeup.

2. Perfume. Yes, young girls also want to smell good. No, you don’t have to stick to the flowery stuff. There are a lot of different brands to choose from and many young singers have their own lines out now, too. Cotton candy seems to be a popular scent. You can buy the perfume in the practical perfume type spray or you can buy perfumed lotions or bath products for the young preteenager.

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3. Journals. This is a nice time of a preteen’s life, although she doesn’t know it yet. Maybe she would jot down some of those memories if she had a nice journal to keep her thoughts. You don’t have to stick with the old fashioned locked version of a dairy. You can buy some really nice journals in leather bound styles to a little more inexpensive types. You can even add a nice pen to make a complete set.

4. Collectibles. Many preteens love to collect things like Barbie dolls, porcelain dolls, stuff animals, Teddy bears, cat figurines, angels, unicorns or a number of other items. You can ask her parents if there is anything special in that line that she enjoys collecting.

5. Magazine subscriptions. Preteen girls usually love to read about fashion, makeup and all the how to advice. If you know the girl in question is this type, a subscription to a popular teenage magazine such as Teen might be a pleasant treat. It would save her allowance money every month.

6. Music is something preteens, teenagers and even adults love. Of course, today we all like to download music. You can buy preloaded cards from itunes and a number of other different download places. The cards have a set number of recordings that the recipient can download for free. This is always a nice and thoughtful gift. Of course, if you can afford it and wanted to throw in a new MP3 player, I am sure the preteen on your list wouldn’t object.

7. Jewelry. Yes, preteen girls like glittery jewelry as well as shiny makeup. Again, remember the age of the girl. You don’t want to buy anything to big. In keeping in the same mind, you don’t want to buy necklaces that have Teddy bears or unicorns on them, unless this is a passion for that particular Preteen. Keep the jewelry rather simple. No big necklaces. Simple heart charms are always nice. Charm bracelets are a nice thought, too. As for ear-rings you can do the studs or maybe a medium sized hoop in gold or silver.

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8. Purses, bags or backpacks. Accessories are a must for every girl, including preteen girls. Just keep in mind the size. You don’t want to buy bags that are way too big. As for the color, talk to the parents and see what colors are the preteen’s favorites.

9. Clothing. Clothing is always nice. But do you really know what is fashionable in the city that the preteen lives and do you know the exact sizes to buy. If you do, that is great. There are always perfect pieces that can never go wrong. But if you are not sure, you could just get a gift card for the preteen for her favorite department store. Then you know she is sure to get what she wants.

10. Now for the little gifts that never go wrong for any preteen girl, nice stationary or writing tablets (yes, girls likes to send notes to their friends), a box of their favorite candy or nuts, scrap booking stuff like stickers, glitter and colorful pens, soft pillows for their beds, minutes for their phones (if they have prepaid cell phones), and finally money.

If you are a woman, just think back a bit and remember the things you liked as a preteen, chances are the preteen you are shopping for will like the same things. As for you men, just think about the girl in question. Think about what she likes. It really isn’t that hard.

Yes, teenagers and preteens are hard to deal with at times, but it isn’t really that hard to buy presents for them.

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