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Top Ten Gift Ideas for Cat People

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People have loved cats and lived with them for as long as 9,500 years. The Egyptians were fascinated by cats and treated them like royalty. Egyptians domesticated are feline friends in 2000 B.C. The cats helped to hunt poisonous snakes, rats and mice. Soon the Egyptians started feeding cats to keep them around their homes, and eventually began to breed them in their homes, bringing the domestic cat. They enjoyed the company of their new playful pets. Egyptians loved their cats so much that they worshiped them. They would adorn their bodies with gold cat earrings and necklaces. They believed the cat goddess would protect them. Most likely you have a friend that loves cats just as much as the Egyptians did. I’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for “Cat People”


CAT-OPOLY is a board game that the whole family will enjoy. The game is based on America’s favorite board game “Monopoly” Your Cat loving friends and family can now enjoy learning about different cat breeds. Cat-opoly makes a great holiday gift.

Desperate Housecats door mat

This is the cutest gift for anyone that is hooked on the popular TV series “Desperate Housewives”. The Desperate Housecats door mat says ” They wipe their dirty little feet” on they first line, and “DESPERATE HOUSECATS” on the second line. It also has cute little black paw prints. This makes a funny gift for anyone that loves cats.

Cat Buddha

These whimsical sculptures are created by California Artists. They make great gifts for a “cat people” that can appreciate art, or that enjoy gardening. Cat Buddha look great in a garden or inside your home. They are available in different colors and sizes.

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Cat girl boxed coffee mug

This mug makes the perfect gift for a co-worker that loves cats. It is made by the artist Melissa Gitelman, and is part of a collection called “The Girls. The mug as a fashionable girl holding a cat, and a cat by her feet. It has the words “cat girl” on it.

2007 The cat calendar

With the holidays right around the corner, your cat friends will need a calendar for the new year. For cat enthusiasts this 2007 “the cat” calendar makes a great gift. This cat calendar will be sure to make your friends smile with humorous pictures of different breeds of cats for each month.

Hanging cats stoneware birdfeeder

Your cat friends will be watching birds take seed right out of the mouth of this stoneware cat birdfeeder. It comes in a natural stone color, or a honey color. Makes a great gift for cat people that love that garden.

Avalon note holder cat clock

The Avalon note holder cat clock makes an excellent gift for a teacher that loves cats. The silver cat clock is stands up with a clock on its chest, and a tail that holds notes. The cat clock also swivels its head 360 degrees.

Book-Cat People by Michael Korda

Cat People”, is a charming book written by Michael Korda that tells the story of a married couples infatuation with cats. This is a thoughtful gift under $6, that any cat lover could enjoy reading.

Book-Women Who Love Cats Too Much by Allia Zobal-Nolan

If you want to give a good laugh to the women in your life that love cats, this is a thoughtful, and funny book about “Women Who Love Cats Too Much”. This book was rated five stars on Amazon by several “Cat-Oholics”.

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Black and White Cat Russian Nesting Doll five piece collection

If you want to buy your cat loving friends a unique gift, the Cat Russian Nesting Doll set is perfect. The Cat Russian Nesting Dolls are hand painted in Russia, each with its own personality. They fit together like a puzzle, and make great ornaments for the home. Kids that love cats, will love these cute Cat Russian Nesting Dolls. Each doll is painted to resemble a different cat breed. These will make a beautiful carefully selected gift for anyone that is infatuated with cats.

Remember your Cat loving friends this holiday by giving them a gift that they can appreciate. As a cat person myself, I would love to receive anyone of these gifts.


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