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Top Six Justin Boots for Men and Women

Waterproof Boots

Justin Boots have been around for years and the reason for this is one simple fact. High quality boots. Buying the write pair of boots can be a challenge if you are not familiar with them than you should consider three things when buying a pair of boots. The instep, the ball, and the heel and this is the same for any pair of Justin Boots you happen to buy. But what are the best pairs of Justin Boots out on the market today.

For men and women my top favorite are the Stampede brand. You can get them in four different styles which include the Punchy, the Tekno Crepe, Cattleman, and Western.. The Stampede punchy comes in a variety of colors and made with a dusty cowhide that is connected to a dark brown rawhide with a saddle vamp. The welt of the boot is double stitched mahogany featuring a 33 scallop. The only difference in the Tekno Crepe from the punchy is the vamp is made of a rust aged cowhide and has unit heel, not a Z unit. The Cattleman comes in brown oiled grubstake vamp and a Q unit heel while the Western is a more traditional look with its Sorrel Apache vamp and H Unit heel. All four of the Stampede boots come in different colors.

My second favorite for men and women is the George Straight brand. George Straight is one of the leading men in the country music business today and has always been a fan of Justin Boots. The Straight brand comes in four styles which include the Gruene Hall, the Cowboy, Cotulla, and 3.1. Similar to the Stampede brand the Straight brand offers a lot of different colors and styles. My top favorite is the Sunset Rage Waterproof boots. The vamp is sunset rage and comes with a unit heel. The biggest feature on these boots is that they are waterproof and very comfortable. These are great boots to wear to work in because the soles have grip to them.

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Number three is the Justin Gypsy. The Justin Gypsy style is not your typical cowgirl boot and that is why it is included in the top six Justin Boots. These boots are design for style and can go with almost any outfit your are planning to wear. Coming to just above the ankle the Justin Gypsy style can be found in a variety of colors.

If you want to get a little bit more fancy than you should check out the Exotics collection or the Classic collection from Justin Boots. These boots come in different styles and colors with a Q block heel while the Classic boot comes with a M heel.

For number six is the Justin Boots workboot. I include this because a lot of people do work in factories or construction and with the workboot you can retain your favorite fashion sense. The workboots do come in steel toed as well as a variety of colors.

So now that you know the top six what are you going to go? The first thing is to find the nearest Justin Boots location or check out the vast majority of styles of Justin Boots for men, women, and even children. You can do this all at Justin Boots website located at: http://www.justinboots.com/en/