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Top Classes to Take in College for Pre-Law Students

Business Law, Business Principles, Constitutional Law, Supreme Court Cases

In every college, there are classes offered for students interested in going to law school. Not every college will have a pre-law major. However, every school will have a political science major which will usually contain pre-law classes that will benefit you for law school. Also keep in mind that some pre-law classes like business law will be under the Business major and may be hard to find unless you ask or research pre-law classes in college.

Constitutional Law is perhaps the most popular class offered in college taken by pre-law students. It is also the most crucial and important class that you can take. In talking to pre-law students, there is no better class to prepare you for law school that Constitutional law. Much of the material in this class will appear in law school and if you like this class you will enjoy law school conversely, if you hate this class then I strongly would recommend you reconsider your future profession and if you really want to go to law school. Constitutionally law teaches you about the American constitution, the Supreme Court and the legal system. You will learn and study Supreme Court cases and how judges arrive at their decisions.

Business Law is another great class that is often found under the Business section. It is still a great course for pre-law students and teaches the fundamentals of business principles applied in the field of law. If you are interested in corporate or business law, you should definitely take this class.

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Law & Order is not offered at every school but usually some kind of derivation of the class is taught. Just like the television show, Law & Order teaches students how the district attorneys work together with police to investigate and prosecute criminals. This class teaches how the American justice system works.

The Supreme Court is another class taught at many schools. This is also similar to Constitutional Law and some schools might teach this class instead of Constitutional Law. The Supreme Court class is just like its name suggest. You will learn about the highest court in the land and how opinions and rulings are made. You will also learn the court’s history and past judges to serve on the court.

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties is a great class for pre-law students which teach how American today has arrived at civil rights and equal rights for all. It teaches about the ACLU and the fight in America for civil rights with Martin Luther King. It also teaches historic Supreme Court cases which dealt with civil rights and liberties.