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Top 5 White Washer and Dryer Sets

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Do you love the smell of fresh laundry? If you do, you will love this list of the best white washer and dryer sets out today. While there are many washer/dryer combo’s to choose from, only a selected few deserve the title of being crowned “best“.

Kenmore Elite Oasis Pair: Let’s get it started! The Kenmore Elite series of new washers and dryers has made a change for the better. The shiny, sleek look of the Kenmore washer cleans better than it ever did! Forget about little laundry loads when it comes to this washer as it can handle up to 2 full comforts at a time. The energy efficient washer and dryer will save not only money, but lot’s of time. The washer and dryer of this Kenmore series seems to excel at the all new noise and vibration reduction feature. Another feature that makes the washer stand out is the sanitize feature, which eliminates 99% percent of germs and bacteria. The all exclusive steam care dryer is able to dry clothes with the quickness! While the clothes are drying, a light mist is sprayed to even out the heat so clothes get done faster. Watch as this dryer removes all odors and wrinkles with ease.

Price: $2,100 Can Be Found: Sears, Best Buy, Amazon, Lowes

Samsung Washer/Dryer Pair: The Samsung washer, model number 4F337AAW, is one of the best on the market when it comes to getting clothes cleaner than clean. The freestanding washer features the VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology), which certifies it as a washer of the times. Years ago the old washers had problems with excess noise and vibration, however; Samsung has strived to make a change. The well lit LED display allows users to see the options they’re selecting in clarity; Wash features such as perm press and pre wash separate this washer from the rest. The child security features allows you to make settings on your washer to protect your kids from harm. The freestanding dryer, model number DV337AEW makes a perfect match for the washer by adding features such as auto dry and a reversible door to the mix. For those that used to get confused by dryer settings, don’t worry, this dryer has all new digital controls so you’ll know what you’re selecting.

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Price: $3,150 Can Be Found: Sears, Best Buy, Kmart, Amazon

LG-WM-3677HW: The LG Electronics all in one washer and dryer sets the standard with this product. It large capacity front loading washer and dryer has an all new tilt design that enables you to get clothes without having to strain yourself. No longer will you have to extend your arm all the way to the back of the washer/dryer to retrieve your clothing; everything will be in the front up close and personal. The power spin option on the washer works like a charm as it drains twice as much water off the clothes. You’re clothes are basically dry as soon as you remove them from the washer due to this feature. The combo has 5 versatile wash/dry programs to fit all of your laundry needs. While this machine is not designed for large blankets or quilts, the vent less drying system takes less than 10 minutes to get clothes completely dry. Watch thru the clear glass door as your clothes go round and round!

Price: $1,600 Can Be Found: Sears, Amazon, Lowes

Kenmore 45081: Kenmore is really out to set trends with their great list of washer/dryer combos! The large spaced Kenmore 45081 specializes in extra deep cleaning, this means whites are guaranteed to be whiter than white. The minimal water usage of the washer enables you to save money while you clean. Not only does this machine freshen as it cleans, it also runs extra quiet. While previous complaints of this combo running loudly were mentioned, it has since been corrected to run smoothly.

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Price: $1,500 Can Be Found: Amazon, Lowes, Kmart, Sears

Haier HWD1000: The Haier series of washers/dryers continues to surprise customers with their consistent acts of creativity. The all in one electric washer/dryer combo features a large stainless steel drum for you to drop your clothes in. The extra quiet combo features 7 different wash cycles. The multi dispenser enables you to add in detergent, fabric softener and bleach. Hard body features like the self locking door and adjustable legs allow you to customize the machine to your preference.

Price: $690 Can Be Found: Amazon, Lowes, Sears