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Top 10 Gifts for Chew Crazy Dogs

Top Gifts for Chewers

The (nearly) indestructible Dog Nest from Orvis
ToughChew™ Dog’s Nest

This bed is not only guaranteed to stand up to the toughest chewer (they’ll replace it if your pup manages to get through it) they actually look and feel nice too. One thousand denier Cordura not only makes this bed durable, but also very easy to clean.

“All ToughChew Dog’s Nests are filled with easy-cleanup Supreme Polyfill-just in case. So go ahead and test this tough bed. If you’ve got one of those rare dogs that can chew through it, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked. ”

Kongs – Big and small, we love them all!
Kongs on Amazon

This classic still makes the best toy (a treat delivery method) for chew-hungry dogs. The puppy one may not stand up to the abuse that the adult one does, but it’s a fantastic choice for teething puppies (especially straight out of the freezer!) Not only does the Kong provide excellent chewing opportunities, but it can be filled with treats, food and/or peanut butter etc. to make meal time puzzle time for your canine. Boredom is one of the main causes for chewing behavior, so keeping your dog entertained is always a good thing!

Triple Crown Everlasting Fun Ball
See Triple Crown’s fun Ball on Amazon

We still can’t believe that this ball has lasted over a year of abuse from our Shiba. We now give this as a gift to our friends with dogs because it’s such a versatile toy. Like the Kongs mentioned above, you can fill the Fun Ball with treats and make it a game to keep your pup amused. (One warning, we do know of one dog that managed to chew one up (a Dachshund) so monitor their play time just in case. It has held up to several labs, a German shepherd and Husky – as well as our little chew-fiend.

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Nylabone Dental Dinosaurs
See Nylabone Dental Dinosaurs here

Like almost all Nylabone products, these toys are made to take serious abuse. Our pup has managed to get some of the nubs off and heads and feet have seen better days, but after several months of attention, they’ve held up just beautifully. They frequently get dragged around and we get called upon to hold one end while our Shiba gnaws on the other end.

Buster Cube Dog Toy
Buster Cubes Here

Here’s another interactive toy that you fill with food or treats to keep your canine busy. It’s not exactly a chew toy, but any toy that keeps your pup amused reduced chewing on inappropriate objects. Our dog now ignores his food in the food bowl in favor of the food (the exact same food, mind you) in the Buster Cube. It’s more of a challenge and therefore more fun!

Triple Crown Click & Play Dog Toy and Training Aid (orange squid toy)
Clicker Squid here

For those dog owners and trainers who clicker-train, this toy is a must! Instead of “clicking” and then rewarding with a treat – you click and the reward is the clicker squid. So click and toss for more interaction and play time. Like all of Triple Crown’s products, this toy is durable and lots of fun (and learning) for you companion.

Kong Flyer
See the Kong Flyer here

Like the rest of Kong’s products, this Frisbee will last a very long time and provide hours and hours of amusement and running time for your dog. Our pup has managed to puncture it a few times, but hasn’t been able to chew it apart in the several months that he’s had it. It’s also a bit softer and more flexible than most Frisbees so it doesn’t hurt his mouth to catch it in the air.

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Outward Hound Agility Starter Set
See Outward hound Agility Set here

This set is a like a little amusement park for your dog! Remember, bored dogs tend to have more destructive chewing behavior, so it’s important to look for activities that constantly challenge and motivate your companion. Agility, whether formally trained or just used in play time, is a valuable training aid and a wonderful way to build your relationship with your dog. (By the way, that’s a Shiba pictured playing on the agility course!)

PetstagesTM Orka Jack with Rope Chew Toy
See the PetstagesTM Orka Jack here

This is the only “puppy” toy that has survived into our Shiba’s adulthood. It’s just soft enough to be a satisfying chew, but durable enough to take hours of chewing. You can also be sneaky and put treats and toys into one end and make a great throwing-puzzle game out of it. This is also a good one to put in the freezer – or put ice cubes inside.

Bitter Apple for Dogs
Bitter Apple Chew Deterrent Spray here

Okay, you’ve tried everything. The pup still chews on things he shouldn’t. As a last resort (not to mention a great gift for first-time puppy owners) get Bitter Apple spray as your last line of defense for shoes, table legs, and couch arms. (Note: Never spray this directly into your dog’s mouth and always test on an inconspicuous patch before applying generally.)