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Tips for a 5k Race Day

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You’ve been practicing for this day, but now that it’s here you aren’t sure of what to bring to the race or what to do before the race. So, I have decided to make a list of stuff to do before the race.

Bring a Drink

This tip is especially important if it is hot on race day. Dehydration is your worst enemy during a race because it will cause you to become tired quicker. So, if the race does provide any drinks during the race, you should a drink in a sports bottle with you to the race.

The best drinks to bring with you to a race is either water or a sports drink because they are both effective at keeping you hydrated. Sodas, tea, and coffee all have caffeine that causes you actually to get more dehydrated in them, so you want to avoid them before and during a race.

Warm-up before the Race

This tip may seem obvious, but you may forget to warm-up before the race if you arrive at the race too close to the start time. So, always make sure you leave yourself enough time to properly warm-up before the race. Also, if you are going to walk to the race, you should try to combine your walk there with your warm-up, so you don’t have to worry as much about leaving yourself enough time to warm-up.

Keep the Same Pacing as in Your Practice Routine

While it is easy to try to push yourself harder during the race, you want to try to keep the same pacing as in your practice routine. If you try to run hard, you are more likely to injure yourself or ware out too quickly causing you have to walk, so you need be careful not to run too hard or end up ruining any chance of winning the race.

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Bring Your iPod (Optional)

If you normally run while listening to a portable MP3 player and the race allows them, make sure to bring the MP3 player with you to the race. When you are at the race, you want the racing environment to as similar as possible to your practicing environment, so that you can maintain the pacing (see the above tip) and encouragement as during your practice.

These tips along will not cause you to win the race, but they should make the morning of the race a lot easier than before.