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Three Easy Children’s Birthday Cake Ideas

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When birthdays roll around in my house, I start planning how I’ll decorate the cake. If you have all of the stuff needed to bake and decorate a cake, then decorating a cake using any of the following ideas won’t take you long at all.

Three Easy Children’s Birthday Cake Ideas#1: Dinosaur cake

Kids love dinosaurs so they would be thrilled with a dinosaur birthday cake. Bake a cake as you normally would but in addition to that, bake one or two cupcakes to go with it. You’ll need a bag of small plastic dinosaurs to put on top of your birthday cake and food coloring. For my dinosaur birthday cake, I dyed the frosting green and blue. The green frosting was put on most of the cake to act as grass, then I used the blue frosting to put a thick line in the middle of the cake to represent a river. With the cupcakes, I put one on each side of the cake with the river between it and I frosted those with green frosting. The cupcakes were a perch for a couple of the dinosaurs so they could rule over their land. I put the rest of the dinosaurs in various areas around the cake, a couple close together so it looked like they were in a dino fight, some by the stream so it looked like they were getting a drink, etc. This is optional but I had some green sugar sprinkles that I sprinkled all over the grass to help it make look grassy. I put some of the tubed frosting and outlined the cake and the cupcakes to make it pop out more. My son loved his cake and it was a huge success. You can buy the dinosaurs at Walmart and they run for about a dollar.

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Three Easy Children’s Birthday Cake Ideas #2 Spiderman Cake

Spiderman is quite the popular superhero and graces children’s cakes all over the globe. For another birthday, I knew that I didn’t want to spend the big bucks to buy a cake decorated with Spiderman when I knew that I could do it myself. After baking my cake and having the other items I needed at hand, I got a picture of Spiderman and hung it up beside me so that I could see how Spiderman’s face looked as I drew it. Then I used the end of a spoon to draw an outline of Spiderman on the cake. After that I dyed some frosting blue and red. I used the blue frosting around Spiderman’s head and used the red for Spiderman’s face, leaving the eyes white. My next step was using a little tub of frosting gel to draw the black lines on
Spiderman’s face. When that was all done, I had a tube of icing and went around the entire cake. My mistake was that I used blue frosting and it blended in with the rest of the blue. If you make your own Spiderman cake, use red and it will stand out more.

Three Easy Children’s Birthday Cake Ideas #3: Shark and Fish Cake

Another fun cake to do is a fish theme. One of my children wanted a shark cake so to start, I drew the outline of a shark on the cake after it had cooled off from the oven. I dyed my frosting blue and grey. I put the gray frosting on the shark and the blue everywhere else to stand for the ocean. I used a plastic knife to try to make the blue frosting look like the choppy waves of the ocean. I put gummy fish all around the cake and also had some of those candy cake decorations in the shapes of ocean life, like sea weed, turtles, sea stars and fish. Before I started, I dumped the cake onto a pan, left it upside down and decorated it that way. It proved to be much easier and I was able to put the fish all along the edges of the cake.

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These are only a few children’s birthday cake ideas that are sure to make your children’s birthday a smash.