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The Top Ten Places to Throw a Child’s Birthday Party in Central Ct

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For people in search of the top places to host a chid’s birthday party in Central Ct, there are several options available. Due to a host of factors, it is often impractical or impossible to throw a child’s birthday party within the confines of one’s own home. Recognizing that, many businesses and attractions in Central Ct now offer Children’s Birthday Party packages.

Compiled here, is a list of the top ten places to throw a child’s birthday party in Central Ct. From free attractions, such as local public parks to moderately- priced children’s- oriented restaurants and public museums, there is no shortage of places to throw a child’s birthday party in Central Ct. Most, if not all of, the locations in Central Ct that host children’s birthday parties, offer complete packages, including tables, chairs, party favors, ballons, food and entertainment. While some facilities in Central Ct also offer a Birthday cake with their child’s birthday party packages, quite often a cake is not included in the package price, and must be obtained seperately.

Some of the places in Central Ct where one might choose to throw a child’s birthday party are quite unique and interesting. How about hosting a child’s birthday party at a children’s museum or science center, where live animals and interactive exhibits are sure to keep the little ones interested and occupied. Maybe The Ct Trolley Museum, with its collection of vintage trollies and railroad cars would be the ideal place to host a birthday party for a member of the younger set. Swimming Parties at the Cornerstone Aquatics Center and Carousel- rides at the Bushnell Park Carousel are among the top ten places to throw a child’s birthday party in Central Ct. If an outdoor birthday celebration is more appropriate, perhaps beautiful Elizabeth Park in Hartford, or spacious Wickham Park in Manchester would fit the bill. Whatever the location, with proper planning, there are many options when it comes to throwing a child’s birthday party in Central Ct. Here is a list of the Top Ten Places to Throw a Child’s Birthday Party in Central Ct.

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A) Chuck E Cheese Restaurants..3075 Berlin Tnpk, Newington, Ct..(860)667-9833….82 Buckland St, Manchester, Ct..(860)649-3857….Basic cost is $12.99 per reserved guest. Package includes decorated table for 90 minutes, a musical show by Chuck E and friends. Each guest receives 2 slices of pizza, soft drink, birthday cake and 20 tokens. Birthday recipient receives special cup, birthday crown and bag of cotton candy. A personal host or hostess is also there to assist in any way needed.

B) The Alley..572 1/2 Farmington Ave, Hartford, Ct..(860)233-5855….At this delightful below- street- level Duckpin( small- pin ) Bowling Alley, their child’s birthday party package includes 1 hour of bowling, shoes provided. Hot dogs or pizza and soda, plus 5 game tokens are provided to each guest. Cost is $12.00 per child.

C) The Ct Trolley Museum..58 North Road, East Windsor, Ct..(860)627-6540….Child’s birthday party packages are designed for groups of 25. The cost is $150.00 for a 2 1/2 hour period. Includes unlimited trolley rides and admission to rolley and Fire Museums. Tables are provided.Truly one of the top ten places to throw a chid’s birthday party in Central Ct.

D) Bushnell Park Carousel..Downtown Hartford….Open from early May to mid- October, the Bushnell Park Carousel is available for children’s birthday parties, seven days a week. They provide age- appropriate activities, including crafts and games, in a magical setting,while the customer is responsible for providing cake and refreshments. The cost is $6.00 per person, with 2 adults admitted free. ( $40.00 minimum ).

E) Science Center of Ct..950 Trout Brook Drive, West Hartford, Ct..(860)231-2824….At the Science Center of Ct, a party- guide is assigned to assist party- throwers at every turn. Child’s birthday party package includes all- day admission to the Children’s Museum and a Gengras Planetarium show. Call for prices.

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F) Elizabeth Park..Prospect Avenue, Hartford and West Hartford..Friends of Elizabeth Park..231-9443..Call for prices, if any and information.

G) Wickham Park..1329 West Middle Tpke, Manchester, Ct..(860)528-0856..Call for prices, if any and information.

H) Lutz Children’s Museum..247 South Main St, Manchester, Ct..(860)643-0949….At the Lutz Museum, they offer hands- on Animal Parties and educational programs, with interactive activities. A private party room, with access to the museum is offered. Nametags and chaperones are provided.

I) Cornerstone Aquatics Center..55 Buena Vista Road, West Hartford, Ct..(860)521-3242….Each party is assigned a ‘splash specialist’, who will lead guests in fun games, swimming races and activities, and will help set-up and decorate the party room. Pizza, soda and cake will be delivered. Several party themes are offered, including Dinosaur, Pirate and Jungle themes. Call for prices and information.

J) Veteran’s Memorial Ice Skating Rink..56 Buena vista Road, West Hartford, Ct..(860)521-1573….At the Veteran’s Memorial Ice Skating Rink, they offer two child’s birthday packages, one more comprehensive than the other, including refreshments. Refreshment package includes.. Rink admission, skate- rental for minimum of ten participants, use of party room and pizza, potato chips and soda for each guest. Price is $14.00 per 1 hour session and $16.00 for a 1 1/2 hour session.

This list is designed to assist the consumer seeking The Top Ten Places to Throw a Child’s Birthday Party in Central Ct.