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The Spring Roll: Its Important Role in Vietnamese Cuisine and Culture

Spring Roll, Vietnamese Cuisine

It is no doubt that Vietnam is famous for delicious food in the world. Beside beautiful and romantic sights, many foreigners come to Vietnam to enjoy food here. Especially, most of them are impressed by the food called spring roll.

Depend on the location, spring roll is made and called in different ways, such as: in the North and the South, it is called “Cha Gio”, but in the middle, it is called “Ram”. It is not only famous for its special taste, but also for its attractive appearance.

I would like to introduce what I know how popular spring roll is in Vietnam when I visited Vietnam for the first time. Though Vietnamese food is synonymous with Pho Bo, nobody come to visit Vietnam once without knowing Cha Gio or Ram (spring roll). It means that Cha Gio is as famous, delicious and attractive as Pho Bo. People here would rather use it in special occasions such as worship, big days, wedding parties, or even birthday parties.

Many years ago, people considered it the food which is only served for royalty, because at that time, it was one of the best food used by royalty the most. The normal people rarely had many chances to eat it, that’s why they just made spring roll in special days. However, everything has changed now owing to economic development. Food seems to be cheaper and easier to buy so more and more people can enjoy this kind of food anytime they like.

Here is how Vietnamese make their spring roll. It is very delicious and easy to make you addicted. I only learned the recipe to make spring roll in middle part of Vietnam. You should try it if you are interested. The ingredient is quite easy to prepare for 4 portions, including 500g saddle of pork, 20-25 pieces of girdle-cake, 4-5 spoons of lemonade, 100g chopped garlic and 100g chopped onion, salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, …

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When everything is ready, you should follow these steps in order to have a right dish. First, you have to carve the saddle of pork until it is smooth. Then, you sprinkle it with a little salt, pepper, fish sauce, 50g chopped onion, and leave the mixture in 15 minutes. There is a tip to make the spring roll more crunchy if you pour about 1-2 spoons of lemonade in the mixture at the same time. In the second step, after the mixture is absorbed, you spread a piece of girdle-cake on a flat place. Later, you put the mixture on it, and wrap it up. You are supposed not to let the mixture out of the piece of girdle-cake because doing it makes your dish look like a mess. At the time all pieces of girdle-cake are wrapped up with the mixture, you begin to turn a gas on and heat the oil on a cooker. Only once the oil is really hot, pieces of girdle-cake are put on it and you should let them all turn yellow and smelling. In the next step, you have to fish them out of the hot cooker, and do not let your dish brim with so much oil. It will not be good for your health.

For your best taste, you are recommended to sop the spring roll in fish sauce which is mixed with 2-3 spoons of lemonade, a little sugar, the rest of chopped garlic and pounded hot pepper, and use with noodle, and fresh vegetable. The last thing you have to do now is to garnish some fresh vegetable on a flat dish and put spring rolls on to make your dish look more delicious and beautiful, and enjoy it.

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Nowadays, the popularity of spring roll spreads in many Asian and Western countries, especially in Japan and Holland. Some Japanese girls regard it as a kind of food to go on diet because of fresh vegetable making them feel full soon. After all above things, I hope you can understand something about food and culture of Vietnam.