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The Mystery Disappearance of David Lang – Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction

This paranormal event happened on September 23, 1880 in Sumner County, Tennessee. David Lang was walking across a field and there were five people who were watching him. David’s wife was watching him walk across the field from the porch, and she suddenly screamed out loud. David had just disappeared as they were watching him. David’s wife, his two kids, Judge Austin Peck, and the Judge’s brother-in-law were the people who watched this happen.

During the next few days, there were searches to find David. All of the searches came up empty, and no trace of David Lang could be found. There was a reported mysterious circle in the spot where David allegedly disappeared. The circle was 15 feet in diameter and stayed in the same spot for years after the event. No vegetation would grow inside of the circle.

This story made pages in Fate magazine in 1953, and this mystery became very popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s. The article in Fate magazine is supposed to be the firsthand account from David Lang’s wife. It contains information from an interview with her that took place in 1931. Inside of the article, Sarah claimed to have received a handwritten message from her deceased father. The message said “Together Now. Together now and forever…after many years…God Bless You.”

Additional research was conducted on this mysterious incident by a librarian from Nashville. The librarian wanted to try to find proof of this legendary story. The research came up empty. There was no evidence of a Lang family or that an Austin Peck ever lived in that area. The librarian thought this story was probably nothing more than a hoax.

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There was a salesman who traveled through the area called Joseph Mulholland. This salesman sent in “out there” stories to newspapers under the pen name of Orange Blossom. It could be that this salesman hoaxed the whole story. There is a science fiction story called “The difficulty of crossing a field”, and this David Lang story could be a joke brought on by this science fiction story.

The signatures of Sarah, David and the mystery letter from Sarah’s dead father were compared. A hand writing expert thought that all three samples of writing were created by one person. In fact, they were all declared “authored by one individual”. Since no evidence of the people from the David Lang story have not been found, this story could be nothing more than a hoax. But, there’s always a possibility that it could be true, until it’s 100% proven to be a hoax.

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