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The Florida Sunpass: An Easy Way to Save Money on Tolls While Driving

When you find yourself driving along multi-lane highways in the Sunshine State, you’re likely to stumble across a few toll booths along the way. Florida is home to thousands of miles of highways that are clean and pristine for a reason–millions of dollars have been invested to keep the highways clean and beautiful, and locals and visitors alike are responsible for paying their dues as they trek across the state. If you’re smart, you’ll stock up on quarters and bills before hitting the road. Still, those payments can add up fast–a few dollars here and there can make you think twice about that next trip to the beach. The Florida SunPass offers an alternative to searching frantically for those quarters as you drive on through.

The Florida Sunpass Story

The Florida SunPass is your solution to saving money as you pass through Florida’s toll roads and bridges. Buying a commuter pass means you pay at least 25 cents less at each toll plaza and exit, and you can pre-pay for the pass by phone, or online. The SunPass is available for both Personal or Commercial use, and you’re given a small transponder unit that attaches to your car’s windshield. This handy gadget sends out a radio signal as you pass through SunPass toll lanes, and upgrading to a SunPass Plus account gives you extra benefits at the Orlando International Airport. Each SunPass needs to be loaded with at least $25 as an initial balance, and there is a $25 fee (plus tax) to initiate it.

Where to Buy a Florida Sunpass

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The Florida SunPass can be purchased online through the SunPass website, or purchased over the phone with the help of a customer service rep. If you prefer to make your purchase on foot, a number of gas stations and service centers along Florida’s turnpike also sell the official Florida SunPass; after purchase and activation, these can be renewed easily over the phone when they expire, but you can also contact SunPass.com to establish an account and pay everything conveniently by credit card.

Saving Even More Money with the Florida SunPass

The Florida SunPass also extends discounts and rebates to SunPass customers as a percentage off of total payments on particular highways. You can see a complete listing of roads on the Florida SunPass website, and planning your route to catch most of the rebates is an easy way to save even more money! Some of the discounts are immediate, while others collect on your account where you receive a credit for the following month.

The Florida SunPass is a simple way to save money as you drive around Florida, and you can log into your account to add funds easily. Florida toll plazas do send out a ticket if you pass through a toll way without paying; make sure you’re covered, and not paying too much for your right to enjoy Florida’s wide open spaces, with the help of the Florida SunPass!