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The Easy Weight Loss Diet: Homemade Soup for Lunch

Healthy Dinners, Healthy Lunch at Work

While I am not a big proponent of any nutrition plan that relies on one food or completely eliminates complete food groups from a diet, the idea of the Easy Soup for Lunch Diet is very appealing. The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet is one way for busy people to accomplish another of goals: eat healthier, save money, and lose weight. Here is my personal plan for the Easy Soup for Lunch Diet.

The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet Saves Money

First, this diet idea will help you save money because it uses leftovers that you already have in your refrigerator. It is also cheaper than purchasing pre-made soups, eating out, or subscribing to a diet meal plan. Anyone following the Easy Soup for Lunch Diet can save even more money when they make their own homemade soup broths.

The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet is Healthy

When you start with healthy ingredients, the meal will be healthy. That is pretty easy to figure out. The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet will work best for anyone who is already cooking healthy dinners for their families. For meat eaters, when that healthy dinner includes lean meats, you already have the beginnings of the Easy Soup for Lunch Diet.

The main ingredient in the Easy Soup for Lunch Diet is the broth. A low-sodium broth will help fill you up, and add much-needed water to your diet. There are low-sodium broths on the market. There are also broths without MSG. Health food stores and health food aisles in the grocery store may also carry organic soup broths.

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You can also make your own soup broth that can be used to make soup for the work week, or to freeze for later.


Add any leftover lean meats to you broth, including roast chicken, steak, beef cubes, roast pork, or even ground beef.

For extra fiber and a feeling of fullness, toss in some kidney beans or white beans. Vegetarians and vegans can add these in place of the meat.


Right before you eat the soup, you top it off with a handful of fresh (and washed) fresh vegetables including carrots, celery, leeks, and onions will take longer to cook through.

The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet for Weight Loss

The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet can help you lose weight in a number of ways. By having a healthy and hearty meal already prepared, it is easier to skip the fast food option, or the snacking option.

Soup, and warm foods, are more satisfying than cold foods. A cup of yogurt is healthy, but as a lunch, it can leave you wanting more.

The soup will fill you up more than a salad or a sandwich, without weighing you down like other hot lunch entrees might.

If you want more than soup, have your soup first. Make a smaller portion of whatever else you would normally have. Have a salad, or only half a sandwich.

The Easy Soup for Lunch Diet is a reasonable way to eat healthy, save money by using leftovers, and a sensible way to lose weight.