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The Chewing Gum Diet

Kiwi Fruit, Treat Yourself

Feeling hungry? Chew some gum? Chewing gum can ward off hunger pangs and get you to stop thinking so much about food. You can even stick with sugarless or low sugar gums. Make your desk a candy store wherein you have ever kind of sugarless gum imaginable. There are somethings you can do as long as you want as much as you want without being naughty.

Chewing the Fat

There is no minimum daily requirement for sugar. So you are still better off reducing your sugar intake. Take a little less sugar in your coffee and tea every day until you can use none. Use some milk to take the edge off the coffee if it’s a little bitter. Reduce your daily soda pop intake to one and then none if you can.

You mission, should you decide to accept is to find a set of stairs and climb them. I don’t care how slowly you climb the stairs as long as you climb them. Stairs are an ultimate test of fitness. If you can climb a flight of stairs without getting breathless then you are in decent shape. The more flights of stairs you can climb without getting out of breath the healthier your are. Consult your doctor before climbing more than one flight of stairs.

You are probably better off if reduce your cups of coffee per day to one or two. Let tea take up the slack. Again, here is a place where you can probably do as much as you want for as long as you want without being naughty. Try different teas. It is likely that only green and black teas have the anti-oxidant benefits but a herbal tea now again probably won’t hurt. Make your desk a tea shop wherein your treat yourself to as many different teas as you like.

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Eat something weird. Eat one weird thing per week. By weird we do not mean uncle StrangeLove’s Tofu surprise. Rather you should go to the produce aisle of your supermarket and pick out a fruit or vegetable that you have never had and try it. When is the last time you peeled a kiwi? Fruit up your day. Again fruits and especially vegetables are things you can probably eat as much as you want whenever you like as long as you want without getting naughty. Unless you have a metabolism or hunger control problem that you need to tell your doctor about, your body will let you know when you have eaten all the veggies you can handle. Unlike processed food or foods with refined sugars, it probably does you no harm to fill up on veggies.

Treat yourself to a good life. There is abundance if you look for it. Treasure your bounty and you will always have more.