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The Better Frozen Treat: Blue Bunny Ice Cream VS Breyers Ice Cream

Blue Bunny, Butter Pecan, Cookies and Cream

Summer is here and with it comes the seasonal hot weather. And with hot weather, you’re going to need something to cool you down, and what better way to do that then with a couple of scoops of ice cream? Everyone loves a good scoop or two of ice cream, in fact nothing can make a day seem better then this cool delicious treat. There are many brands of ice cream around, with more flavors then you could ever imagine but here we have two top brands of ice cream face off. Blue Bunny and Breyers ice cream have been around for a long time but just which ice cream is the best? Well, it really all depends on the individual eating the ice cream.

Blue Bunny tends to be a value brand ice cream with a premium status, while Breyers is a great ice cream that will be enjoyed by any consumer. Blue Bunny is a bit cheaper, but that takes nothing away from their great flavors, and Breyers uses nothing but natural ingredients, cream, sugar, milk vanilla, just the basics, making them a very pure and flavorful ice cream brand.

Both Blue Bunny and Breyers ice creams have a vast array of flavors that include the obvious like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, as well as the mixtures like butter pecan, chocolate chip, cookie dough, and cookies and cream. What sets them apart is more then likely personal preference, but as far as flavors go you won’t find anything better then what Blue Bunny and Breyers have to offer. Blue Bunny does seem to blend some of their flavors together better, like their chocolate chip ice cream, and bunny tracks is a nice treat that’s different, while Breyers seems to have a distinct difference in flavors that, to me, don’t mix well as compared to Blue Bunny.

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Breyers makes a great pure ice cream like their straight vanilla and chocolate, and this is where they overtake Blue Bunny in the taste department. Breyers uses all natural ingredients, meaning that they are somewhat of a healthier ice cream. Blue Bunny ice cream is good, but their mixes are better then their regular straight flavors. For a good scoop of vanilla you can’t get anything better then a scoop of Breyers.

Blue Bunny is the more cost efficient of the two brands. Usually you can get a huge family sized tub of ice cream from Blue Bunny relatively cheap, but I would only suggest this if your going to be buying their cookies n’ cream flavor or their chocolate chip. Breyers tends to be a bit more expensive, but when you’re buying a very specific flavor, chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, I’d have to suggest Breyers. Since they use all natural ingredients their pure flavors just tend to turn out better, and for a few extra cents it’s worth the extra cost for extra flavor.

The clear brand of choice that I would recommend would really depend on the individual that is eating the ice cream. If you’re someone who loves a very authentic taste and wants something a bit more on the healthy side, or about as healthy as you can get eating ice cream, I would go with Breyers ice cream. Breyers just tends to have a creamier and smother taste compared to Blue Bunny, and their straight flavors are amazing.

If you just a person who enjoys a bowl of ice cram, or are getting some for a birthday party or other event, but yet still want great taste and good flavor, then I would highly suggest Blue Bunny. Their family sized container is a great value and of course when you get Blue Bunny ice cream your going to still be getting a good quality premium ice cream with plenty of flavor.