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The Best Way to Eat Brie Cheese

Brie, White Zinfandel, Zinfandel

Are you a cheese lover, but have never eaten brie cheese? Well, now is your chance to have the ultimate cheese experience. This cheese experience can be a meal or a snack, and can be great for both winter and summer, whichever you like. Either way, you will come back for more. So, if you want to indulge in the cheese experience of a lifetime, here is how you do it:

Needed Ingredients

Brie Cheese (preferably Baby Brie)

Raspberry Jam (You can get this at most any grocery store.)

Small pieces of dry bread (such as French or baguette)

Chilled Beringer White Zinfandel

How to Prepare

Toast the small slices of bread in the oven, just enough to dry it out and brown it a bit. Place the Brie Cheese on a small cookie sheet or pie plate (just make sure that it is oven safe) and put it in the oven. Use a medium high heat to cook the uncovered cheese to a bubbly mixture, just right before it begins to turn brown. Remove the cheese from the oven and place on the table with the Raspberry Jam and bread.

Note: Baby Brie works best because it does not have the skin that regular Brie has on it, so it does not carry the strong smell because it does not have the skin. As well, Baby Brie generally comes in a pack of small wedges, meaning that you can cook up less at one time.)

How to Eat

You want the cheese to cool for a moment, but not too long. (It will cool on its own when you separate a portion for eating.) Pour yourself a glass of the chilled wine before eating. While wine is optional, Beringer White Zinfandel goes well with any sweet food and will help make your Brie-eating experience a better one, so try washing down this cheese treat with this wine, at least once. (Sutter Home also puts out a White Zinfandel, but Beringer seems to taste better with this cheese treat.)

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The idea is to spread some of the Raspberry Jam across a piece of the dried bread and then scoop up some of the melted cheese, placing the scoop of cheese on the jammed piece of bread. This is all you need to take a bite of the most delightful cheese treat you will ever eat. Bite, chew, and repeat until your heart (and your tummy) is content. Do not throw away any leftovers that you might have. You can microwave this easy treat for later; though it is not quite as good as the first time around.