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The Best Vehicle I Ever Owned: Chrysler Pacifica

Wireless Headphones

If anyone asked me what was my favorite vehicle was a five years ago, I would of said a Metro bus. We had a GMC Jimmy that we hardly ever drove due to outrageous gas prices. Even with the rising price of gas today, I am not taking the metro bus any more. A few years ago, we decided to trade in the Jimmy and get a used Limited Edition 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. This car is truly amazing.

About the Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica is among the first vehicles introduced as a crossover. My Chrysler Pacifica is fully loaded with dual-zone climate control, rear air conditioning, a power sun roof, power lift gate, and voice-activated hands-free communication system to connect to cell phones. It is very spacious and seats 6 comfortably. Its has a large cabin with 4 leather captain’s chairs with seat warmers and a 3rd row 50/50 split bench in the back.


Why I Love This Vehicle?

The 3rd row is very easy to put up and down. The bench splits in two so that we can still have trunk space and a person in the back. Its a plus having 3 kids and always grocery shopping. Both of the back rows fold down for transporting large items. It has an in dash navigation system behind the steering wheel which is a plus safety wise. The limited edition comes with a roof mounted entertainment system and 6 disc CD/DVD player as well. My kids love to watch movies in the car and its great for long trips. So it definitely reduces the infamous question “Are we there yet?” It also has a pretty nice sound system with an aux jack to connect my phone and mp3 players. It has a back up sensor, the goes off when you are backing up or parking. G as mileage is pretty decent at about 20mpg in the city and 29mpg on the highway.

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What I would change about this vehicle?
It comes with wireless headphones that the kids listen to when watching movies. I wish that there was a separate sound system that my husband and I could listen to music at the same time. Not a major complaint, but that is the one thing that the Jimmy had that the Pacifica does not. The automatic tire pressure sensor seems to go off every few months. In fact, when I went to test drive the car, it was on. But they fixed the problem before I bought it. I wish that it would say which tire had the issue. But all in all, minor complaints.


The Chrysler Pacifica is the best vehicle I have ever owned by far. We plan to keep this car and drive it, until it cannot drive any more. This crossover is the perfect alternative to the mini van with all of the same features. Unfortunately, it was discontinued due to poor sales from a lack of advertisement. But in my opinion, the Pacifica is Chrysler’s best kept secret.