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The 6 Best Mascara’s in the World

Fake Lashes, Old Tv Shows, Teen Vogue

I’m a makeup fiend who loves to buy and try any cosmetic that I’ve heard rave reviews about. I’m also always keeping my eyes open for a potential new “staple” item (that is, a product that becomes part of my daily regimen). These 6 mascara’s are my top picks for “best mascara’s in the world.” (They are listed in no particular order).

Maybelline’s “Great Lash” Mascara

Apprx. $5

Okay, so the simple fact that this mascara is repeatedly voted numero uno in countless female magazines (Allure,

Essence, Teen Vogue, Woman’s Day) should be enough to get your butts into your local pharmacy to purchase one. This mascara is a classic, tried and true and forever dependable. The simple packaging doesn’t do this baby justice, but its humble appearance on the outside makes up for the wow factor you get once you apply it’s dark-colored goodness! This mascara is very inexpensive and easy to apply. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t cake at all.

Benefit’s “BADgal Lash” Mascara


I fell in love with this product about 3 years ago and freak out when I’m running low and don’t have a back up. The brush is extra thick which really boosts the length and thickness of your lashes. The effect it gives reminds me of the 20s/30s eyes you see on the old TV shows and movies. This mascara goes on thick, leaving you with va-voom eyes that could almost be mistaken for glue-on fake lashes!

Clinique’s “Long Pretty Lashes” Mascara


This formula is really great. It’s very clean feeling and goes onto your lashes very smoothly. It’s effect is very subtle, but definitely beautiful. There is no clumping and your lashes don’t get hard and stuck together like they can with some mascara formula’s. Your eyelashes are literally soft to the touch, but noticeably longer and fuller. It’s also flake-proof, which is a definite plus!

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Lancome’s “Definicils” Mascara


I love this mascara for several reasons. First of all, it comes in a variety of shades, from light brown to black black and even a navy blue! All are fabulous, of course. Over the past several it has been named “Best Beauty Buy” in InStyle magazine. It comes in a beautiful package and is light, non-clumping and gives great shape!

Prescriptive’s “Lash Envy” Mascara


This is a favorite in the world of makeup artists. It gives fanastic volume, lasts all day long and makes lashes look plump and pretty! I have several friends who use prefer this mascara, and for good reason. It’s rich color spreads evenly on lashes, making them look more defined and definitely more full! Wearing this you’re bound to get rave reviews!