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Texas, Get Ready for Aldi Grocery Stores

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The kaleidoscope of grocery stores keeps changing in Texas, but the arrival of ALDI is good news when many businesses are closing their doors. This global grocery chain operates a little differently than most, but shopping at ALDI is a breeze once you know what to expect.

Chain Gang
ALDI’s shopping carts are on lockdown. Shoppers have to deposit a quarter to use a shopping cart. The deposit is refunded when the shopping cart is returned to its corral. That may seem excessive, but it is a cost-cutting measure meant to keep shopping carts from straying throughout the parking lot and beyond.

B.Y.O.B.- Bring Your Own Bags
Free cardboard food boxes are available throughout the store, but ALDI charges for each shopping bag. Paper bags cost five cents, sturdy plastic bags cost ten cents and insulated bags cost ninety-nine cents. So round up all those giveaway shopping totes or plastic grocery bags before heading to the store.

D.I.Y. Grocery Bagging
Like Sack ‘n Save, ALDI does not have grocery sackers. Be prepared to sack or box your own groceries and tote them to the car.

ALDI’s House Brands
ALDI stocks mostly house brands. These brand will be completely new to Texans, but trying new brands is not a budget-buster with ALDI’s Double Guarantee. “Quality, taste and satisfaction are always DOUBLE* guaranteed at ALDI. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money.

*The Double Guarantee does not apply to non-food Special Buy items and alcohol.”

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Smaller Grocery Store = Abbreviated Selection
Unlike the mega marts, ALDI carries a more basic selection of top sellers. That means limited brand and size selection instead of choosing from travel size, economy size and everything in between.

Limited Payment Methods at ALDI
Leave your checkbook and credit cards at home, because they are no good at ALDI. (The same goes for manufacturer coupons.) Cash, food stamps/EBT and debit cards with PIN are the only payment options.

ALDI Grocery Stores in Texas
ALDI locations are opening throughout North Texas. Visit the ALDI website to check for a location near you.

ALDI.com, http://aldi.us/index_ENU_HTML.htm