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Texas Bamboo Growers

The Texas coastal areas and the hill country of south central Texas are very hospitable to many varieties of bamboo. Because of their relatively moderate humidity, which a lot of bamboo species like, it is a perfect area for bamboo nurseries and landscapers who either grow or design with bamboo. In addition, the Texas Bamboo Association is very active, sponsoring talks and events around the state with the purpose of spreading information about and encouraging the use of bamboo in building, flooring and many other areas of manufacture. Landscaping companies are increasingly using the smaller clumping types of bamboo in their garden designs to impart a tropical and Asian feel. I found several growers and nurseries that stock and propagate this magnificent, useful plant for shipment around the country.

Bamboo Texas is a small father and son online shipper that is run out of the Houston area. This company is very active in the local Texas Bamboo Association, often consulting with industrial uses for this incredible plant. At present they’re also propagating some very rare clumping species. These will become available as they’re developed. They ship only small, clumping varieties and have competitive prices. One warning: the web site’s dark background makes it very hard to see the links at the left but they’re there. Click midway down to see all the varieties they offer and to find their pricing. Prices range from about $15 for a #1 container to $85 for a Timor Black variety in a #3. They only ship one day a week, so allow for at least a week’s time to get your order. Email the company at

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john@bambootexas.com or call after 7 pm or on weekends to get information.

Caldwell is located at 2436 Band Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471; Phone: 281-342-4016 Nursery e-mail: salvia123@msn.com or direct email to Steve Carter at scarter@brazosport.edu. Call them at 281-342-4016. This nursery is located near Houston. They have Giant Bamboo, Timber Bamboo, Tropical Bamboo, Clumping Bamboo, Variegated Bamboo, and Rare Bamboo varieties suitable for Texas Landscapes. The prices range from $35 and up. This nursery is open from 9-5:30 daily and are closed on Sundays. I could not find the online order link. Maybe others will have more luck. Just email them for information, after looking at some of the stunning pictures on the web site. Caldwell also sells other rare and tropical plants, but they do not sell wholesale.

River’s End Nursery and Farm
Box 1729
Los Fresnos, TX 78566
River’s End Nursery is dedicated to bringing tropical fruit trees and plants to the South Texas community. They’ve been dedicated to growing the best cultivars. They have some very unusual plants like kumquat, sopadilla, guavas, passionfruit and starfruit, just to name a few. The nursery also sells palms and spice plants, like bayrum, lemongrass and cinnamon! This would be a great nursery to visit for bamboo because of all the other tropicals that could be viewed too. Currently, they have several varieties of bamboo, but more will be coming in during the middle of summer, 2007. River’s End is open at 10-5, Mon.-Sat. Orders can also be made by email to orders@riversendnursery.com or an adobe order form can be printed out right from the web site and mailed or faxed in.