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Taylor Swift – Facts About Her

You Belong with Me

These days, you can’t listen to news about music without hearing Taylor Swift’s name. This statuesque – 5’11 – songbird captured the pulse of America with her chart topping hits about heartbreak and pain. But, what do we know about this country phenomenon other than her latest beau?

Taylor Swift – facts about her life:

  • Born on December 13, 1989, Swift is a Sagittarian, an astrological sign marked by freedom, travel and enterprise. Other famous Sagittarius singers are Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Trey Songz and Christina Aguilera.

  • Surprise! Taylor Swift has been quoted, as saying the number 13 is lucky for her. (This is opposite from most U.S. citizens.) She was born on this day and her first number one song had a 13-second intro.

  • This Cover Girl representative loves Twitter because she can update fans without writing a long story. She doesn’t want to expend that type of energy on discussing her daily activities or thoughts. Apparently, this mindset works because she ranks #6 in the number of followers on Twitter per Twitaholic.com.

  • She began writing songs at age 5 and released her debut album 11 years later. Hits like “Love Song” and “You Belong With Me” fueled her multi-platinum success. These songs set the platform for the next 200 – mostly about the ins and outs of romance.

  • Although Swift is a super slim, she enjoys delicious food. Once, after the VMAs, Taylor stopped off at Del Frisco’s and ate sweet potato casserole. She called this dish amazing. Share in her love for sweet potato casserole by cooking this food at home. Get the details at Allrecipes.com.
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  • Is your hair naturally curly? You share a common trait with Taylor. After junior high, she learned to accept her wavy locks and rocks them as much as possible in their god-given state.

  • Taylor Swift is ultra-feminine, which translations into her clothing. She adores wearing dresses and skirts. Her other treasure are cardigans because they are comfy and warm.

Want to learn more about Taylor Swift. Visit her Website at taylorswift.com. There you can get update news on her appearances and upcoming concerts.

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