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Take Surveys to Get Free Stuff


I’ve been taking online surveys for over three years now. I’ve made some money, not much but some and had alot of free stuff sent to me.

These are not those sites that pop up on your screen and tell you that you’ve just won an ipod or a free gift certificate to a restaurant, those are scams and I advice you not to click on those offers.

While you may not make money doing their surveys you do get points that can add up pretty fast. These points you can then exchange for free merchandise like gift cards, jewelry, CD’s, magazines, household items..ect.

Some surveys I’ve taken were for qualification purposes to see if you meet the qualifications for the next part of the survey. Then I was sent merchandise or food to try for free and keep whatever was left. Over the past two years I’ve been sent regular size bottles of shampoo, frozen cookies, T.V dinners, toilet paper and other things. Now it did take me doing up to 6 surveys a month for 5-6 months before they started sending me free merchandise to give my opinions on and I can’t guarantee that you will have the same results I did, but you might.

These survey sites send surveys right to your email inbox and they won’t ask you for any money. To me a big red flag goes up if a suvey place asks for money up front.

I was suckered into doing the “You’ve won a free ipod” survey too, you have to have 10 of your friends sign up who then have 10 more of their freinds sign up and you have so many pages of offers to go through it seems the pages will never stop. Well after being online for more than 2 hours and going through page after page of offers and never getting to the end like many others have I’m sure been, I decided it wasn’t worth my time.

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In my opinion when you do get the surveys give an honest answer, even if you don’t like the product they are asking about. They really do want your honest opinion and you won’t get more surveys just for saying you like everything you get asked about, it doesn’t work that way.

Companies send these surveys to companies to find people who are willing to give honest answers so they know if they have a product that consumers actually like and find out what consumers don’t like so they can change it, cause really what do companies really want? They want to make a product consumers like, so in turn people will buy it and yes you guessed it, they will make more money.

Taking surveys as a great way to get free stuff, here are a few survey sites that are really good.