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Review of Lord Byron’s “Darkness.”

In his poem “Darkness” Lord Byron gives an apocalyptic view of the world, as he pictured it was in 1816. Through the relation of his first person speaker, using sublime imagery, which gives hints to the author’s emotional state of mind at the time, “Darkness” seems to have been written as a satirical account of ...

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Visit Alaska This Summer

When planning a summer vacation that will be memorable for years to come, why not take the family off the beaten path. No more beaches or amusement parks. Forget the annual family reunions and mandatory visits to relatives. Take your family on an adventure. . .visit Alaska. Only noticed for the coldest months of the ...

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What is a Lahar?

While many people are mesmerized by the idea of witnessing a volcanic eruption, the rising column of smoke and ash coupled with the glow of fiery rocks and lava pale in comparison to the event that happens as a result of the eruption. The real danger is what is not normally seen in the news ...